Just a new server with a new name for the Space Cowboy?

#1-Nintendude-Posted 8/14/2008 2:38:50 PM
At least it looks pretty much the same, been some time since I played Space Cowboy so can't be sure.
#2blowtreesPosted 8/18/2008 10:03:06 AM

Yah my updater stopped working for Space Cowboy so I stopped playing it long ago. Saw these screens and that's the first thing I though too.

Maybe the new name will help it catch on, few aerial twitch mmos around right now. Keep an eye on Jumpgate too.

#3RemyLebeau_88Posted 8/25/2008 12:35:49 PM
It's the NA version of SCO. AirRivals is the EU server where a majority of the players will be coming from (seeing as Global Ace hasn't attracted too many players).
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