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continuing with Maria, she's confused standing in crowded Shibuya about this " Canaan person" ( regarding Canaan 2, the kid who saved her in the Middle East ) suddenly the guy with the cane comes up in front of her. to be continued. the man leads her to the building rooftop. The man thinks Maria is Canaan (The canaan that butchered the cops in black lodge) the man and her sit and he decides to tell her his story (???) Maria previously picked up a photo of a family...his family. I chose B. flashback to Canaan 2, maria is playing cats cradle instructs canaan 2 to do the same....she has the exact same tattoo that Canaan 1 has btw, Canaan 2 is successful with the cats cradle. we jump back to when canaan 2 saves Maria, when she's dressed in that cloak. Maria doesn't trust the kid and she's ready to fight her. But canaan 2 has no intention of fighting her, and does some pretty sweet flipping moves that leaves Maria awestruck. Canaan2 explains she's a mercenary. we end Man with cane pointing the gun at maria, Kano walks in. We flash back to Maria's kidnapping. and she remembers the pendant she has was given to her by Canaan 2, and is a tracking device ( a GPS it says lol) Maria gets hit on the head by a hammer... by what looks like the crazy KOK member (hm...I guess it isn't Achi being the co-leader then.) causing her to lose parts of her memory. Maria's memories are now recovered....thus ENDS her story..

From 14:00 onwards for Osawa You find out that tanaka is a mole and has been leaking information. Kajiwara apprehends him (he's holding a microphone as he's been bugged and is recording their whole conversations. Osawa's wife finds that tanaka has bugged their room as well. "How many bugs did you plant?" I still have yet to translate this (All these bloody kanji XD I chose C. the next image...not sure if those are tweasers or what. Osawa sends an e-mail to...Hitomi? then leavesinto the room where the detectives are trying to scan/track A's whereabouts or if they can track the ip address that is in the e-mail. Kano phones the house, jump to kano, I choose B. we find out the same thing on Achi's path about the weapon. Osawa hangs up. there's several blue pills scattered around on his desk, and we flash back to when Osawa first discovers the cure for the ua virus. we get a 3d simulation of Osawa's science facility. Jump to Mino. I choose B.the cops are looking at who's at the front gate, it's mino. He wants in as he has written this article in the newspaper about Osawa's facility and a big conspiracy in connection to the rumors of bioterrorism. Osawa doesn't want him in, but he yells at him and points...a lot in his usual drama. so Osawa meets him at the gate. Jump to mino. He basically tells him to leave ( i think?) goes back to the room, there's a waistbin with a yellow package that was discarded. we basically have osawa at the computer, pondering tanaka, the clues, when Osawa recieves an e-mail, we go back to the picture that i think were tweasers, the wife (Mira-chan I think) and Kajiwara. to be continued.He goes from the computer room to his desk and looks at a file, Kaming (doesn't translate innto anything.) then there's the pop idol again (I chose B) Kajiwara offers him a banana, choose A refuse for now, because he's too depressed and guilty of what has happened to his daughter. We flashback in the past he struck little Hitomi. and there's Hitomi's blood on his hand. Yeah, he's grief stricken. Kajiwara is wise to this. Osawa and Mira-chan are still waiting. And kajiwara says something to make the wife freak out..? continuing on..I'm slowly burning out so I chose B, Not sure who those guys are but they want nothing to do with osawa. I chose C.Osawa accepts kajiwara's chocolate. Choose A to be continued...Now i'm really tired, I wrote down Mino's path, I explain it well as Kano's. Mino from 14:00 onwards: B,A,JUMP,A,A,B,B,B JUMP,B,B,C,A, To Be continued.
6 years ago#32
Awesome stuff! I know Achi WAS the leader of KOK and earlier, I think he meets the new leader of KOK in an alley confrontation. That was when Hitomi receives a message from Kajiwara (or Tanaka, I think).

I appreciate the posts you have written and I remember a little the conversations there. Didn't quite follow the fuss with Tanaka and Kajiwara so it was interesting to read your explanation.
6 years ago#33
thanks, learning Japanese so some of the translations/interpretations may or may not be right. English is my first language but I speak French and a little Spanish. So if you're not clear on some of what I'm saying let me know LOL, or if you're stuck on a path, also let me know.Anyway, regarding Mino-san's path. 14:00- Mino's laptop isn't working...Mino yells at it. Angrily, lol. Starts writing down info of his article he's writing. The waitress just looks at him (cuz he's...rather boiterous and uppity lol.) uh he go it working (the lapto) and starts typin away. He gets loud again and everyone in the restaraunt turns to see, including the police chief. He calls Mino a "cheat, and he starts getting mad at him but the waitress tries to pull him away. I press B. he sits down at his computer while pointing at the waitress accusingly. The chief's daughter comes by and apologizes about her father. (about the article that i assume exposes Osawa in the Ua virus conspiracy. He sips coffee but it's way too hot so he spits it out...right onto the girl...who wipes it off with a napkin. he apologizes. They discuss a bit about Osawa, and he looks up his address, to ask questions. I believe he's eating the same dish Achi eats in the restaraunt. Waitress is concerned that he's eating too fast. He gets in the taxi and gets to the Osawa residence. I choose A. I have a conversation with Osawa. get in the taxi again and meet at this place with the girl with glasses and an older guy. Not sure what they're arguing about lol. mino shakes his hand, I choose A and i'm on the move again! tbc. I stop in the middle of the street and i remember that the guy from the post office wants me to do something at a certain time and i'm going to be late. I choose A.I set typing on the laptop in a restaraunt...suddenly Afro Man shows up and steals my laptop. i chase after him. I choose B. the pawn shop, sure enough there's afro man pawning off my laptop. I smack him one. My sister the bride champ shows up. and is sad....i forget why lol...afro man runs off. I choose B. Miku doesn't want me to leave. i choose B. She slaps me (Wha??)I run into the blue van and hitomi. BOOM! there was a big crowd and a bunch of street kids arguing about blaming the other one.mino accuses them to being accessories, of being gang members of KOK. Achi is carrying hitomi in the background.suddenly Kano flashes his detective badge and asks them questions/what happened. Mino tells him in flashback. Miku is also comes at the scene, almost a little too convenient. mino goes to clean up in the washrooms, Afro man comes in pretty well puts the beat down on him XD gets a call but don't remember what was said to be continued. this is getting long so to be short, mino isn't allowed smoking on the roof, he does, I press B, KOK member shows up. I chooseB i get in the taxi, back to my office, loan sharks come by ask for the editor, whom is hiding. I choose C, A i talk with someone? and meet my editor with his other daughter who is playing on her laptop. cute. anyway, glasses girl hands me a big manuscript. loanshark claps at how a fool i am, girl with glasses accidentally turns on a tv of the news, saying there's a bioterrorist threat not just the van exploding, but could be Japan aswell. to be continued. Ok! so i'm on 16:55, Kano is tbc, maria is END, Mino tbc, Kano tbc, Achi is BAD End, and they end up being killed by Achi's former KOK members. been trying but can't progress.
6 years ago#34
Hmm... Can you tell me what the Bad End number is? I might be able to look up my notes and figure where you got stuck.
6 years ago#35
It's BAD END no.54
6 years ago#36
You have to go to Minorukawa 16:05 and select A. Hope that helps!
6 years ago#37
So I go up to the top of the building, Kano comes by and cuffs me for bad end no. 57. Achi still has a bad end, Kano has a bad end too. for the Kano to be continued I get up on the building and find the man with a cane holding Maria at gun point. I point my gun at be continued. hmm. :/
6 years ago#38
sorry i was still talking accidentally pressed Kano's bad end, you go to where mino is cuff him come back to the other building, but no one is there (no one meaning maria or the man with the cane) bad end. oh so do I choose A then A again? (there are a bunch of choices at mino 16:05? I'll try that then.
6 years ago#39
I didn't check properly. Yes it's the second A on 16:05 for Minorukawa.
6 years ago#40
Thanks! On the Final chapter and just ended Mino's path and Osawa's path. As it turns out so far:




So the leader of the Snakes 'A' is Alphard. (I actually saw the anime last night, that was based on 428.) Jack says, they don't know the gender,background, anything about Alphard. Back on Kano's path him and the man with the cane that holds Maria at gun point. There's a gun shoit and a swooping sound, as Maria runs off. Kano sees as Canaan1 holds the man at knife point, Kano says that you're the one who killed all the men (at Black Lodge.) Canaan1 denies this, saying they had been compromised, that they were Snakes and she had to kill them. Kano doesn't believe her . She says the men were preparing to kidnap Hitomi for the antivirus but instead kidnapped Maria, her friend. Because of this evidence, Kano believes her. Canaan1 whips out her cell/GPS saying, she gave Maria that pendant, and it has a tracking device inside of it. So they locate the place where Maria is at and find Achi, Jack. there....and Maria on the ground. Suddenly the man with the cane enters.

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