Cannot find Dr Young's Research Notes - Help Please

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7 years ago#1
I have been stuck in the mansion for an hour looking for Dr. Young's Research Notes - Please help this is getting so frustrating
7 years ago#2
What was the last thing you did? Have you saved the 2 guards?
GT: xXGamerbug94Xx,
7 years ago#3
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7 years ago#4
I saved the two guards and it tells me I need to search arkham mansion for research notes - i dont see any fingerprints anywhere and cant find these notes
7 years ago#5
Go to the bottom floor of the area with the guards (With the big chandalier) and look for fingerprints. One of them will be on a bookshelf, walk over to this set and hit A.
GT: xXGamerbug94Xx,
7 years ago#6
Heck man I am just walking around the room in detective mode on the floor with the guards, chandelier - is there anything more specific you can tell me - i feel like an idiot
7 years ago#7

how do i get into dr. youngs office to get the fingerprint samples? i saved the two guards with the chandelier and i saves the other two in the long room with the walkways. when i saved them one of the guys said go to her office and the door is blocked. what do i do...??

7 years ago#8
Yes please i am stuck just after dropping the chandelier - every grate is either a joker riddle or dead end - this is getting very upsetting
7 years ago#9
I know it's really easy to overlook, but USE THE ******* MAP!
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7 years ago#10
ugghh there is nothing on the map and all it says is to find research notes - where exactly do i find the fingerprint the very first time - that may be my problem
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