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7 years ago#1
Just missing one trophy in West Arkham. The secret map shows that it's hovering right around the exit of the area, right around the door that leads to the tunnel that goes over to East Arkham. I can't seem to figure out exactly where it is though. Note: It is /not/ the riddle with the scarecrow canisters, which is also right near in that same spot. I've already scanned that. The last one is a trophy, but I cannot find where. Anyone know where it is?
7 years ago#2
Turn on your detective vision and look up in front of the door. There is a breakable wall. It's in there. If that's the one you're talking about
7 years ago#3
There are three in this area, one is where the guy above me said, right before you walk through the door leading into the tunnel turn on detective vision and look up, you will see a breakable wall and you will find one of the 3 trophies in this area hidden. From where you are standing to find that last trophy if you turn around you will see a building to your left, you need to get up on the room run to the far east wall and look towards the cliff, you will see another trophy there, you have to use the line launcher to get to it. Now the 3rd one I cant find, the secret map shows it around the door to the tunnel but more so in the cliff. If anyone knows where the third one is please let me know!
7 years ago#4
Well I figured out where the 3rd one was. Ok here is how you get to it. Go to the front of the Intensive treatment building (where the bat mobile was parked at the beginning of the story line) from there run to the left side of the building and jump that wall... if you are looking at your map you will see a tunnel right in front of you, run down that tunnel and make your way to the back (there are at least 3 riddler trophies and chronicle of arkham items back there) by the way have your detective vision on the whole time. once you get to the back you will see a wall that you can break down and the last trophy for Arkham west is in there...
7 years ago#5
The first reply was the one I was looking for. Many thanks! Got everything in this spot now.
7 years ago#6
In Arkham West. Need help finding my last trophy. Riddler menu says my last trophy is in Arkham North, but the map question mark appears to be lingering between West-East . Now really there were four in the general area. One was in the breakable ceiling right above the Arkham East entrance. Got that. The line shot across the building over the water. Got that. Scarecrow riddle. Got that. Now there's one left. I checked in the hallway between East-West but only found the one with the breakable floor to fall down into the caged area. Let me know if anyone can help finding this annoying trophy.
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