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100% Completion (Archived)MySkullIsOnFire211/29/2011
100% completion on 1st play through? (Archived)LINKorpirated511/26/2011
Last Chronicle of Arkham? (Archived)tarzanmx211/26/2011
Will the Joker Carvinal map challege be available for dlc soon? (Archived)nardinizzle211/26/2011
Are the GOTY leaderboards different than the original? (Archived)iLikeMtnDew311/22/2011
So I missed the "Party Pooper" achievement... (Archived)kjrain12711/21/2011
Help I'm HORRIBLE at combat... (Archived)EricOwnsY_basic611/21/2011
what determines what ending you get SPOILERS (Archived)KingVee1011/19/2011
First Playtrough...great game! But why so fragile Batman? (Archived)
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My (brand new) copy of the GOTY didnt come with the 3D glasses... (Archived)snikt6384911/13/2011
3d in games on demand (Archived)blue_husky111/13/2011
wow, where the heck was I???? (Archived)hockeypeter23611/12/2011
How do I get back into this area in the caves? *safety spoilers* (Archived)chemicalinxs211/11/2011
Most epic boss fight in years... (Archived)istuffedsunny311/8/2011
how do people.... (Archived)driscoll187511/7/2011
Stuck stuck stuck (Archived)RandomWinner411/6/2011
whats a good challenge map for getting the 40 combo achivement (Archived)KingVee311/6/2011
can i get xp after beating the game (Archived)KingVee311/6/2011
Is there another way to hit an enemy on the ground besides RT and Y? (Archived)mroose11311/3/2011
After completing Arkham City.. (Archived)degen2011511/3/2011
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