How do you show fps???

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7 years ago#1

It's kind of fun to do the impossible. - Walt Disney
7 years ago#2
Search posts please as it has been asked and answered multiple times.
7 years ago#3
^if you bothered to post a reply, you may as well could have just told him instead of making a useless post.
A program called Fraps can display it for you.
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7 years ago#4
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7 years ago#5
dude, chill out.

thanks man
It's kind of fun to do the impossible. - Walt Disney
7 years ago#6
I am chilled but most forums inc this one ask you to search before posting.

Dupe threads make it more crap to read through.

I was not having ago at you but the big mouth above.

I answered it in multiple threads so ain't doing so again.
7 years ago#7
oh, right, cause he was specifically asking you to answer his question. He wasn't? Coulda sworn your name was in the topic titl---oh wait.
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7 years ago#8
A lot of small kiddies with big mouths in this forum (but not so big outside the internet).

Post a lot of off topic BS also.
7 years ago#9
Ease up Jh32uk2. You are acting way too elitist for this type of forum. A mature person would take into consideration the type of forum gamespot/faq and respond accordingly. You have not responded accordingly. I would have agreed with you in perhaps a different location, but not here at gamespot. The fact you felt the need to respond without telling him how to do it makes me wonder if you knew yourself. Maybe its just me, but the mature answer would have been to give an answer but recommend using the search feature next time.
7 years ago#10
OP I personally am not a big fan of Fraps, though mainly because I have never paid to use the full version (nor pirated it). There however many free alternatives to the software, though I am not sure which ones tell you the fps as well. Usually games include their own fps command, given that batman runs on the unreal 3 engine... it should work as UT3. (press f10 for console then type stat fps). I havent tested that method with Batman though. I also recommend checking out this site:
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