Does this game supports Force Feedback? (pc)

#1bulettoPosted 3/19/2012 7:59:14 PM
Well I want to buy this game, pc version obviously, from my cousin, I've already ask him, but he's kinda retarded and he does not know.
We played once and I donīt remember seeing a enable/disable vibration option on the settings screen.

So, it's a simple question, this game supports force feedback?
If so, will this work using a xbox 360 control emulator?

A friend of mine says that the older version of the game (which my cousin owns) do not support force feedback, but newer version something like "game of the year edition" does support it. So I just want to be sure before making a choice.
#2DartkunPosted 3/23/2012 7:54:17 PM
I use the official 360 USB controller. Just with default settings it has vibration. Just plug and play.
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