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7 years ago#1
I think there should be a new overlord that has a vauge connection to the previous to that is only hinted at.

The new overlord perhaps a girl at the beginning of the game takes control of a small amount of power from the overlad gaining the ability to control minions for themselves.

Gnarl would be the enemy advisor while Quavar would be yours and you also have the assistance of an enigmatic black robed woman who gives you "suggestions" on how you should progress.

You progress through the game at first taking over small rural areas but for the middle half your fighting the overlad over control of his fathers lands (all of which have been reworked to not look the same as they did in Overlord 1 because of the 30 year time gap inbetween Overlord 1-3)

Near the end of the game you embark on a mission that will open up hell itself so that you can use its powers and damed armies to overtake the overlad. In gaining entrance to hell you discover its actually the Abyss from Rising hell and that you've released the original overlord who now is free and full of currupted energy forcing you (and the overlad) to retreat.

Your given 2 choices on how to proceed

1)Kill the overlad steal his powers
2) Find a way to raise the spirit of a fallen Hero who will give you guidence on how to save the land from the overlord.

If you pick option 1 You kill the overlad his mother and his mistresses (Who have been acting as bosses up until this point at other locations) gain control of a tremendous amount of Evil engergy and then must attack the overlord to gain full control of the lands.

If you pick option 2 you discover that the "falled hero" is actually "The Wizard" who's body was stolen from the first game. and that the dark robed women is actually your mother Velvet making you the overlads cousin. You get him a new body and form a truce with the overlad to defeat the overlord. The wizard now inhabiting the reincarnated body of the overlord he once helped defeat before overlord 1.

The Wizard sacrifies himself to free the overlord from his corruption (For his daughters, his grandchildren, and his friend he wasen't able to save all those years ago)

The overlord family now happily joined together but a new evil rises on the far shores. Because overlords come and go but evil......evil always finds a way.
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7 years ago#2
this is pretty similar to my own ideas for a sequel, what with the return of the original overlord and all, except you're forgetting the wizard is just as evil (he was the overlord before the first overlord), so I doubt he would ever give up that much power for his feelings of others, which he probably lacks.
BTW, is anyone forgetting the last, last, last scene from the credits of overlord 1? where the jester is seen preforming some kind of ritual (maybe to resurrect the wizard?) while gnarl says "evil always finds a way"... I think they might work on that for overlord 3, but that's just me.
Maybe Overlord 3 puts you as the second overlord again and you get attacked by these strange dark, fiery minions who completely destroy your Netherworld Tower and leave you in shambles, horribly wounded, in the middle of nowhere. as the plot unfolds, you find out its the original overlord, who has been digging ever since overlord 1 to get out of Hell (lol), and eventually reached the first sign of civilization: your netherworld (since it's way underneath the ground). so you basically have to defeat the most powerful and successful overlord, ever. So you basically are left stranded, since the original Overlord took over your tower... You go into the Wasteland and rebuild the old Dark Tower, and he entire game revolves around this massive battle between the two most evil beings in history! And there'll be a lot of oh-so-satisfying slaughtering of cute little animals (maybe puppies this time, lol) and the enlaving of several towns t get enough, um... 'workers' to rebuild the Tower.
7 years ago#3
You find out what the jester was doing in the expantion of overlord 1.

Also "The Wizard" was not the first overlord.

The first overlord took over his body and pruged his soul. You find this out when he says.

"I stole his body and purged his soul"

The wizard and the Original Overlord are 2 different people.

The overlord from Overlord 1 worked with "the wizard" to defeat the original overlord and when he was killed he possesed the wizards body.
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7 years ago#4
no offense or anything but most of that doesnt fit with the story from this one, as it doesnt leave a gap for the rise of the empire, which happened while overlad was growing up and gnarl freqently talks about the old overlord (the father) being lost, as in trapped in the infernal abyss not exploring some far away land, also if the old overlord was still in the right world or there was someone with the overlords full powers than the great cataclysm wouldn't have happened as the energy from the tower heart would have been absorb into on of the kids or the overlord
7 years ago#5
This is considering overlord 3 the empire would have no reason to be part of it.

This story is based off of time passing while the overlad is still in control after Overlord 2.

I also never said that the first overlord was exploring far away lands. I said he was traped in the abbyss and the 3rd overlord would acidently free him.

The cataclysm wouldent need to happen it already happend. It doesnt need to happen every time an overlord comes to existance.
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7 years ago#6
Oh I know. You haven't played "Rising Hell" which explains all this and what happend to him right?

in Rising hell the first overlord from overlord 1 was traped in a hell like prison and managed to take control of it by killing a forgotten god.
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