Alt+Tab Maximization Problem from Multiplayer Interface

#1Piewalker_Posted 6/15/2009 4:38:11 PM
Grand Ages: Rome won't maximize after Alt+Tabbing out of the Multiplayer interface. This is frustrating because there's no other way to remain online in the Multiplayer lobby to catch other players to play since only a few players come through every day. This means that I have to be online serendipitously at the exact moment someone else is online and stay there for HOURS looking at that sparse Multiplayer interface and not being able to do anything else on my computer while I wait for a match! And seriously....everyone does other things while they're waiting. Everyone. Just being in the Multiplayer International Games Room allows other players to see that I'm online and ready to play.

I understand it's only 3 months after the game's launch and the game needs time to develop a multiplayer base, but I'm only seeing a few people pop in and out of the Multiplayer lobby every day...minimum of 2 players/day (usually Piewalker and DRYICE...and I don't even see him that often), and max ~15 players/day. And that's spread out over the time I'm online, which could be a minimum of 2 minutes/day and a max of 3 or 4 hours/day. I'm in Salt Lake City (Mountain Time GMT-07:00).

I also understand many games won't allow windowed play, but perhaps that would help with Grand Ages Rome? Or perhaps a redesign of the Multiplayer interface could benefit from easily allowing an Alt+Tab out, or create a multiplayer stand-alone client, or SOMETHING....seriously...everyone multitasks and I don't have time to sit in a Grand Ages: Rome viewing both lobbies at once. The developers should seriously consider a solution. The more successful and streamlined the Multiplayer interface that meets the needs of the players, the better chance a match will happen, which will improve the game satisfaction for more of us, which will in turn lead to more recommendations to friends, which will increase sales. Hmmmm....I'm starting to sound like the game....the greater food and entertainment satisfaction leads to....