All 6 bonus codes for you all

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7 years ago#1
here the 6 codes

Vehicle Warrior : 18041851
Paint flash mudhog : 17121973
Paint moto Sludgeray : 18021974
Character Helmet "Camo" Code : 48992519
Character Jacket "Road Addict" Code : 20061977
Character Trousers "Speed Angel"Code : 91031985

7 years ago#2
Wow, that's great! Thanks a lot freaky1974! You could try submitting the codes to GFAQ's "Cheats" section if you want to get credit for them.
7 years ago#3
Sweet man, thank you. Curious though, how did you get them? Hacked them out of the PC version maybe?
7 years ago#4
To be honest mate, I got them from another forum
7 years ago#5
Well, whatever works. Ha.
7 years ago#6
Are they one time codes or do they work for everyone?
Gamertag: MickOnYourFace
7 years ago#7
They work for everyone
7 years ago#8
I wish there was a code for the hovercraft, I want one bad,
7 years ago#9

thx mate awesome!!!

7 years ago#10
really nice, thanks.
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