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7 years ago#11
the most you can hope for with this game is a couple maverick cars and some liveries.
7 years ago#12
Why not just get some NOS?

Overdone in games, but TOTALLY surprised this game doesn't have it.
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7 years ago#13
it does, but only the AI racers are allowed to use it on the final stretch of some legend difficulty races
7 years ago#14
What about the ability to get out of the vehicles and just walk around on foot! Useless i know but i wouldn't mind see it in game!
Throw in the ability to make your character make rude hand gestures and slap/punch and youve hours more multiplayer fun!! (i remember how fun it was to just run around snowballing people on Shaun White!) :D
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7 years ago#15
If this game turned into another GTA I would sell it. There is only one thing I would request for DLC , and this is it :

Least the whiskeys good
7 years ago#16
DLC vehicles:
1) snowmobile
2) jet ski
3) ripsaw
4) gyrocopter
5) one of those amphibious 8 wheeler ATV things
6) a boat
7) air boat (big fan on the back)
8) WW2 amphibious vehicle (a duck or duk i dont know which)
9)sherman tank swimmer (big white sheet round a floating sherman only one left today)
10) mad max car
11) james bond lotus submarine
12) an amphibious assault vehicle e.g. one of these
7 years ago#17
^ this.
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7 years ago#18
hows about a tardis which for those who don't know of doctor who is one of these:
good eh?
7 years ago#19

This game was treated like garbage by the critics, i wouldn't expect them to give it much support with DLC or patches.

7 years ago#20
i'm too tired to punctuate right now.
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