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6 years ago#1
Hey, I have a few questions about the editor.

-Im trying to get a helicopter to take off AFTER all my troops get in it, my troops go to the helicopter, but it takes off before everyone gets in, is there like, a way to delay waypoints?

-Is there a command to have troops get out of a vehicle when the vehicle reaches a waypoint?

(Ill probably run into more problems/questions later)
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6 years ago#2
Make the chopper's waypoint "load", make the squad's waypoint "get in" place these waypoints next to each other on the map where want this to happen. Synchronize these two waypoints (draw a blue line from waypoint to the other. Usually with this most of the squad will get in but sometimes the chopper will leave one or two behind. To make sure this doesnt happen you can make a radio trigger. Place down a trigger, and set Radio to Alpha, then synch this trigger to the choppers next waypoint after the load waypoint.

Now the chopper will wait until you use the radio to activate the next waypoint.

Now to get out (this goes for vehicles too), make the chopper's waypoint "unload" and the squad's "get out", and again synch them up.
6 years ago#3
Ah, thanks a lot for the help, and the quick response :)
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6 years ago#4
Yeah, thats good, so far, anyway, the choppers, when they take off, fly strange, they go forward low to the ground, then tilt up and fly up high, and then decrease in altitude again, is there a way I can choose their altitude and their flying style with a waypoint? (I just want the helicopter to take off flying forward and reach a certain altitude without doing a ton of aerobatics)
And, is there a way I can make the helicopter start up its engine, but take off after we set the trigger off? (because the helicopter starts up after we are all in and set off the trigger)
Lastly, the helicopter wont land at my "UNLOAD" waypoint, it hovers about 2 meters above the ground.
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6 years ago#5
well unfortunately the AI in this game follows altitude from the ground, not alittude above sea level, so if you have them flying over mountains and valleys having them go up and down up and down cant be avoided, so you have to place your waypoints with a little more thought to avoid it, e.i. have them follow the contours of the land rather than just flying in a straight line. you can change the altitude that they fly at so that they fly really low to the ground or way way way above it, but like i said they follow altitude above the ground they are currently flying over, so they can be 500 feet above everything and still fly all crazy because of the terrain. to change the altitude they fly at put this into the Initialization field for the unit "this flyinheight XXX" without the qoutes and change XXX to whatever altitude you wish them to fly at just be warned that they can and will crash into trees and mountains if you set it to low, you can also change this value with waypoints.

im not entirely sure why the heli isnt starting up so the only suggestion i can give is to have the helicopter start somewhere else, just have it start the mission already flying somewhere not to far away and it will come and pickup your guys.

last but not least try using the transport unload waypoint option instead of just unload, as well as placing an H at both the pickup and dropoff point (if you try what i said and start the heli a ways away and have him come pick you up that is) the H can be found under the objects tab, any H will do but i prefer the "invisible H", these act as helipads and if you place one with your load/unload waypoint the heli will land directly on the H rather than hitting the waypoint and then landing fives miles from where you want him to
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6 years ago#6
Thanks, it all is working out, though, more questions :)

For planes, I got them to take off, 3 of them, and go to an enemy filled position (infantry), but they wont attack, I would like if they would bomb it or atleast do some swoops at the city with their cannon.
As for that helicopter flyinheight thing, can only one helicopter use that command? Because I have multiple helicopters, and when i try to put it in a 2nd one, it says something about it already being in.
Can I do the same height thing for planes?
Also, I loaded the max troops possible into a C130J, and it takes off, but while on the runway, right after lift off, it tilts to a sharp right, as if trying to turn, and, well, crashes into the trees, even though the waypoint I have it set to it completely in front of it if it would continue going straight, whats wrong?
Because I havent gotten the C130 to work, I will just ask this now, will the troops inside jump out at a waypoint attached to the C130J's waypoint?
Lastly, is there something I can do so that tanks only attack other tanks/vehicles?
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6 years ago#7
ok for having the planes attack, give them a Seek and Destroy waypoint over the area that the enemy is in and set the activation radius and completion radius to cover the area that the units are in, once all units in the area are killed the waypoint will be complete and the plane with move onto its next waypoint. also if you send up planes with laser guided bombs (aka GBU's) in the same way and use a laser designator to mark targets, the planes will drop their bombs, this is the only way they will use the laser guided munitions, they wont just do bombing runs with them.

using flyinheight on multiple helicopters/planes (yes it works the same way on planes): in the unit window i believe right under the drop down where you select either cargo,in formation,flying, etc, there is a box where you can put a name, this will be the units specific name designator, you can make it whatever you want, if you have three UH60's you might name them UH1, UH2, UH3 just for convenience. now when you do the flyinheight command, instead of using "this flyinheight 150" you use "UH1 flyinheight 150" and so on and so forth. "this" is just sort of a place holder that will work for one unit, when you get into more heavy scripting its always best to set names for units.

the c130 turning sharp on takeoff: well im not really to sure about this one, is it taking off from an actual airfield, and if it is have you tried swapping to the other end of the runway? maybe it doesnt like taking off from that direction, i really dunno. are you sure that you dont have a waypoint along the runway? if it misses a waypoint the first thing its gonna want to do is circle back and trigger it, try bumping the completion radius on those first few waypoints up to like 25-50 so that you can be %100 sure hes tripping any waypoints

lastly, no they will not bail out of the c130 in flight, im assuming your trying to have them jump out in a string paratrooper style, and if thats the case ive got just the thing for you


thats a thread from a few weeks back, my 2nd post has a link to a paradrop script, follow the instructions that i give in that thread and you should be able to wrap your head around it (your getting into full blown scripting now).

anymore Q's by all means ask
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6 years ago#8
Ok, more questions =]

So, I have some tanks, they start in an open field, and then I have waypoints going to a road for them to drive on, thing is though, 1, sometimes they dont spawn/start where I place them in the editor, I place them in a line and they spawn well, not in a line, more, all over the place. And, is there like a movement style I can have them use? They are following the waypoints, but, they are all over the place, driving through trees and buildings.
That brings up another more general question, how come my troops dont spawn where I put them, I spawn troops in a certain pattern, or even a line, and they spawn all over the place, even sometimes far away, or atleast far away enough to delay the helicopter from taking off in time to keep up with the others, why is that?
And, is there a way I can have my helicopters start with their lights on/doors open, like some kind of init command?
And, did you have an answer for making tanks only attack other tanks/vehicles?

Again, thanks for all the help
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6 years ago#9
It doesnt matter what the pattern you place the units down in is, they'll spawn in the formation that's set in their first waypoint. So if you place down a tank platoon, and their first waypoint has them in "line" formation they'll be in a line. For moving from place to place, especially on a road you should set the formation to "column", this goes for everything, soldiers, tanks, vehicles, (not aircraft). Once they get to the combat zone you should set whatever the combat waypoint is, or the waypoint before they enter the combat zone to "line", so they can shoot effectively.

You dont have to set the formations in every waypoint, just the waypoints that you want the formation to change in. So let's say waypoints 1 through 6 have the tanks transiting the map and the 7th has them in battle, you only have to have set the formations on waypoints 1 and 7 (column, and line respectively).

I dont know if it's possible to get tanks to shoot at only tanks.

Helicopters can start with lights on at night if you set the combat mode in its first waypoint to "safe". But they'll shut them off again if they make contact with the enemy.

You should look over the waypoint menu and study what all you can change, since it doesnt seem you knew about formations. There's combat modes, movement speed, behavior, and waypoint types, like "seek and destroy", "sentry", ect.
6 years ago#10

Well, I know about all that stuff, I just didnt understand what most of them did, like sentry. And i didnt know the differences between some, like destory and seek and destroy.
I guess I will play around with the waypoints
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