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7 years ago#1
Sorry if this is in the wrong spot -- I'm asking here because I don't really frequent the boards any more and didn't know if there'd been anything said about a batch of bad discs.

I got this game yesterday, and it locked up twice on me within a half hour. The screen goes black, and I get a message saying an error has occurred, remove the disc & turn off the system.

I've never had this happen before. As far as I know my system is up to date, and the disc is clean. Anything else I can try? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
Fighting Irish
7 years ago#2
Does it happen with any other games? My girlfriend's wii has this problem, it has trouble reading games
7 years ago#3
What you got is what Nintendo call a fatal error. It happens when the console cannot process something. Usually the cause is bad programming. Sega's official answer for all House of the Dead Overkill problems is "shutdown your console and let it cool down".

It's the first time I've heard of a fatal error with House of the Dead Overkill...
7 years ago#4
By the way, if the fatal error occurs with other games, it means your console is damaged.
7 years ago#5
Thanks for the responses. No, I have never gotten the error before and it doesn't happen with other games at all. Well, this blows.... a fatal error? So the wii can't keep up with the game it's trying to play? Man, I was really enjoying House of the Dead, too...

Is this the kind of thing where I need to get Nintendo involved? Are they able to do anything about this error?
Fighting Irish
7 years ago#6 says it's a sensor bar problem and bad syncing with the wii mote. I was playing No More Heroes and in the middle of a combo the game froze on me. Check to make sure your sensor bar and that your wii mote is synced properly.
7 years ago#7
Smoking -- thanks so much for your post. You were right. When I first tried HotD my first wiimote was dead, so I had to use my second wiimote. I thought it was properly sync-ed, but who knows since it's notthe primary remote. Anyhow, charged up the first remote and no problems. Played for a couple hours and tried to make the game crash -- but it played flawlessly.

Thank you for your expert advice.
Fighting Irish

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