That blade thing of his:

#1BlizzardFenrirPosted 6/4/2009 1:31:19 AM
It's looks like a cross shaped hilt, but it doesn't have a blade, though in the trailer you can see him with various weapons. Does it perhaps create a magical blade on command, or does he conjure the different weapons onto the hilt or something like that?

That's awesome, even though it's kind of reminiscent of Shanoa, who also conjures her weapons.
#2VolosterPosted 6/4/2009 8:35:06 AM
Its a chain Whip, at the end of the teaser it shows him pull it back into the cross handle and you see him using it randomly throughout the longer game play teaser.
#3AarogothPosted 6/4/2009 8:40:30 AM
1 thing for sure, that's not vampire killer.
#4kevinskiPosted 6/4/2009 5:11:18 PM
It's called the Combat Cross.
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#5GlassRaccoonPosted 6/4/2009 5:59:31 PM
That sounds like a dull name for a weapon. They should have named it the Cross of God or the divine absolution
#6kevinskiPosted 6/5/2009 2:40:03 AM
I disagree. "Combat Cross" sounds like it'd fit in with the NES-style Castlevania cheesiness. I like the name. :P
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