About halfway through now.. "spoilers"

#1chaos_belmontPosted 4/3/2012 11:42:21 AM(edited)
I've been a longtime enjoyer of the series and have beaten more then fifteen Castlevania titles, I think you could call me a fan.

- I like the look and different locations.

- Soundtrack is definitely more generic, not a single really memorable tune so far.

- Combat system feels off, mostly because you either need to block-counter/dodge which will drag most battles out or prepare to take a lot of dmg/die. It feels incredibly repetetive in the "i'm falling asleep" kind of way instead of the "can't wait for another battle" kind of way. Basically it feels like work, I did like that with powerups, whip-upgrades etc. there's a lot of combos and the magic and subweapons all combined makes it varied at least.

- Puzzles have been either those where you have to try it until you succed or where you can see the solution instantly, nothing inbetween.

- What was the point of using names of characters in Castlevania titles, on enemies? seeing a brute-vampire called Brauner and seeing it mentioned before that you are searching for him made the encounter where I got a bit excited to see this incarnation being what it was, simply weird.

After "spoiling" it all for myself reading up what happened after and getting a bit of insight in the story/dlc, generic isn't really the term I would want to use, "lackluster" maybe.

All in all i'll probably youtube the bossfights/a few cutscenes because I did enjoy the visuals but found it a complete drag to actually play, felt like work and when there's a bunch of games I actually want to play it would be insane not to.

So overall I did not enjoy it and I feel a bit sad of where the new Castlevania series is going. /endblogrant

edit- after having seen the ending I feel like I was a bit to easy on it, the whole part with Gabriel, Zobek and Satan and every word spoken took "cliche" to a new level. I also feel like the game might have coloured Patrick's voice acting because he felt off throughout.
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So overall I did not enjoy it and I feel a bit sad of where the new Castlevania series is going.

That's how most people feel.
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