Lords of Shadow sequel plot predictions? *spoilers*

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First, I've only played the original LOS game, I haven't had a chance to play the downloadable extensions, so if any of this is disproven by what happens during the extensions, then I admit I'm wrong in that regard and apologize. This DOES have to do with the first LOS, (I say that to clarify that I'm not trying to make an off topic board) but it also has to do with the upcoming sequel.

I'm not sure if everyone else has seen the E3 trailer for LOS2 but if not, here's a link (If we're not supposed to do this, again I apologize)


I noticed a lot of speculation as to who the white haired swordsman was and if it's "this or that character, then the sequel will probably have to do with ________." I figured that maybe we could have a flame-war free cordial conversation regarding exactly that.

Based on the lore and plot of LOS1, as well as the epilogue scene, and what little you see of the swordsman in the trailer, this is what I think will happen and what information I'm basing that conjecture on.

A lot of people say that the swordsman is Alucard, but the sequel is supposed to happen 20 years after the original LOS takes place, and a good nerd would know that an 18 year old Dhampir (half vamp half human) wouldn't stand a chance against a true vampire, particularly one of Dracula's caliper, related or not. Part of their reasoning for it being alucard is the sword that he's wielding in the trailer, as alucard is the only castlevania protagonist who's ever used a sword against Dracula (that I know of anyway.)

Although this is a completely new storyline separate from the old castlevania timeline, I think they may have decided to keep a few elements of the old timeline to basically keep this new 'series' a castlevania series if you get my meaning. Lets look at the lore that you can read in your pause menu in LOS1.. (Yes these could easily have been mere nods at previous titles, I won't dispute that) First, in Gabriel's file, it says that he could have been the orphaned son of a Cronqvist, anyone remember Mathias Cronqvist? ... The Combat cross was given the nickname, "Vampire Killer," And was forged by Rinaldo Gandolfi, the same man that made Leon Belmont's Vampire Killer whip in Lament of innocence. The purpose of Gabriel's quest eventually became less about resurrecting his wife, and more about vengeance without his realizing it, and that thirst for revenge consumed him; Mathias wanted revenge against God, who allowed his wife to die in his opinion.

Now, I'm not one of the boneheads that thinks that Gabriel IS Mathias Cronqvist, I understand what separate timeline/storyline means. But I also see the subtle bits of plot and lore from lament of innocence that they slipped into LOS, and can't help but wonder if they did it for a good reason. I mean, lament was made to show fans how the belmonts first started their tradition of mopping the floor with Dracula in a new way... and LOS was made to reboot the series once it was decided that it was to be a castlevania title. We saw in LOS how Dracula was born to some extent.. the epilogue of lament of innocence mentions that Leon Belmont eventually tracks down dracula and slays him for the first time. In the lament booklet it mentions that leon left his sword (at his church I think) when he went in search of his betrothed, this is why he needed the whip.

In LOS, Gabrielle/dracula has the vampire killer, so his enemy for the sequel can't also have it. Basically what I'm saying is that it might not be the exact leon belmont from lament that's holding the sword in the trailer, but I think that the one holding the blade may have certain characteristics and motivations that Leon from lament also had. Then again, maybe I'm reading way too much into it..

Either way I know what I think, I wanna know what you think :)
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