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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC Was a "Mistake," Says MercurySteam (Archived)gambit44477/16/2012
any1 playing skyrim:dawnguard to hold thesmelsves over for LOS2? (Archived)monsterslayer1017/6/2012
Something Ive Wondered About The End Scene..(SPOILERS Maybe) (Archived)siccest55936/27/2012
Initially turned off but now better than expected. (Archived)
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DLC or The Dishwasher? (Archived)EwigD46/21/2012
Sequel announced! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Just got this game..some problems (Archived)brutalhits36/6/2012
castlevania 2 lord of shadows trailer (Archived)KingOfAsia46/5/2012
Strategies for 110% on DLC #2? (Archived)Multicron46/1/2012
New Castlevania game revealed for 3DS (Archived)LittleYami85/30/2012
2nd disc? (Archived)assassin24335/9/2012
The werewolf king, qte? (Archived)assassin24335/8/2012
Just bought this off Amazon (Archived)assassin24345/3/2012
Difficulty? (Archived)assassin24335/3/2012
I just bought this game for $15 brand new (Archived)SuperGamecube6474/30/2012
Sequel Might be Announced Soon (Archived)kJHGl54/17/2012
Honestly can't believe how Under rated this is. (Archived)nathninteyone24/11/2012
THis game is awesome ! (Archived)
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I didn't defeat the dark knight golum without restarting from checkpoints... (Archived)scowl_owl_254/6/2012
About halfway through now.. "spoilers" (Archived)chaos_belmont24/3/2012
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