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Just got the game, DLC's worth it? (Archived)Justice9840552/14/2012
Did they fix the framerate? (Archived)ElricVanClaus32/8/2012
chapter 7 (Archived)gozer66632/5/2012
XIV Skirmish Achievement Glitched? (Archived)Death_Sycthe21/31/2012
Question about knight achievement and level redo's (Archived)Hicser0331/28/2012
So will future Castlevania games follow this games story? (Archived)
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Does it feel like a Castlevania game? (Archived)Elbowsmash51/24/2012
SOTN download problem (Archived)Arej00dazed21/15/2012
Forgotten One (Paladin Difficulty) (Archived)AlphaOmegaSid41/11/2012
Yellow Cylinder Path, how do dodge second fire trap? (Archived)CalistoCoon21/10/2012
Magic Fountains; Knives; Faeries; Holy Waters; Dark Crystals (Archived)AlphaOmegaSid31/10/2012
What am I doing wrong on Necromancer's Abyss? (Archived)CalistoCoon21/9/2012
Man this game had me addicted and then loss me instantly. (Archived)CalistoCoon11/7/2012
Trying to unlock the rune in the Enchanted Forest? (Archived)Dr Jackal212/30/2011
Time Trial question (Fire Cemetery) (Archived)LostSpider312/20/2011
Question about the DLC(s) (Archived)Agent_Ace712/15/2011
That's what I get... (Archived)DarkLeemer412/10/2011
Question spoiler (Archived)hockeyfreak78211/29/2011
Can you use your experience points to... (Archived)Seraphim9211/19/2011
What is this cheat system everyone keeps mentioning? (Archived)Seraphim9411/15/2011
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