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6 years ago#1
When is Konami going to release a Castlevania Collection for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 containing all Castlevania games?

6 years ago#2
Hopefully at the Castlevania 25th anniversary.

Which is technically this year actually...HMMMMM!
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6 years ago#3
There is a collection PC version which has CV 1, 2 and 3 for nes as well as Contra 1 and 2. You can more then likely find a copy on ebay and then try and get it work on anything higher then windows XP. Or, you could just get them on VC.
6 years ago#4
There was (WAS) supposed to be a collection for Wii & PSP that contained all 8 & 16 bit vania's & may include SOTN. Released around the time this came out. Never happened.
6 years ago#5
When is Konami going to announce a Castlevania Collection for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? Which systems will Konami release Castlevania Collection? I want Konami to include castlevania, castlevania 2, castlevania 3 , super castlevania 4, castlevania rondo of blood, castlevania dracula x, castlevania bloodlines, haunted castle, castlevania symphony of the night, castlevania lament of innocence, castlevania curse of darkness, and all castlevania games of the main series. I want Konami to release Castlevania Collection containing all Castlevania games in a big collection for PS3, Wii, Xbox 360.

6 years ago#6
Lol me to
6 years ago#7
Toke Jopic.
6 years ago#8
hopefully they add GBA/DS games into the mix I Want my Soma Cruz, as well as hope they bring Castlevania Judgement 2 for PS3 & 360 with every hero and villain minus cheap spamming.
6 years ago#9
Yeah ... when are they going to release a collection with all the games in it. Since I only have a PS3, I really really want to play the Wii and Xbox exclusives. /joke.

Real answer: Never. They may release some of the classics but no one has ever released ALL of a collection that was more than 5 games.
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6 years ago#10
It's called an emulator. Look it up.

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