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Castlevania Lord of shadow crash on ps3little_b7814/19 5:10AM
Finished the game... Questions...Jx101073/27 5:36PM
Finished the game (Archived)EarthDevil23/15 7:07PM
Thinking of picking this game up, question for those who have played this game. (Archived)FredericChopin42/14 8:56AM
This was *almost* a perfect game [Spoilers] (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
RPAddict1512/3 12:00PM
Never really played any Castlevania game but this game is cheap on steam. (Archived)masa8mune211/28 8:52AM
finally picked this up! (Archived)pure_filth310/21 6:50PM
Cool game. Pleasantly surprised (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
RPAddict1710/10 6:45PM
how handholdy is this game? (Archived)rikku_35029/12 6:37PM
Trilogy? (Archived)ssjmole18/8 11:09AM
Does this game end in a cliffhanger? NO SPOILERS PLEASE (Archived)LivingLegend1728/3 9:44AM
Trial rewards (Archived)Ultracombo36/23 9:02PM
BEST Boosting/Farming Location Found: (Archived)Jawbreaker8716/22 1:42PM
Bloody hell this game is hard !!! (Archived)Yokoso56/16 8:48PM
Something I just noticed in relation to MoF and the Reverie DLC *Spoilers* (Archived)snake241035/20 12:47AM
Question about the DLC's. No spoilers please. (Archived)kronos9655/18 6:47AM
How on earth do you throw the rock at the Stone Titan boss? (Archived)ninjasarecool7825/17 7:16AM
How much mb does it take to download the dlc's and mirror of fate? (Archived)Gin_Devil25/6 5:10PM
This game is an insult to Castlevania fans.... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
HHHistheMAN284/24 4:39PM
Who killed Gabe's wife? :O (Archived)Laocedric1634/24 1:56AM
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