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Do scrolls add to the story? (Archived)vcyke32/15/2014
Warg not spawning in VI-I (Castle Courtyard) (Archived)Raptor_XS42/3/2014
Trial Clockwork Help (Archived)solidus922/2/2014
Second stage, I don't know what to do with the interactive mechanics help! (Archived)guts_Battousai22/1/2014
Question concerning the aquiring of items (Archived)vcyke21/24/2014
Fun game but.... (Archived)Sinizta0361/16/2014
crow witch boss fight help (Archived)darkwingduck34212/29/2013
Does LOS regular edition save work with the recently released LOS Collection? (Archived)rezry312/4/2013
Cliff face lords of shadow / how do you get that thing down..I've tried (Archived)Judyandbella311/29/2013
This game wasnt very good.. (Archived)
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I had this game since it came out.. (possible spoilers) (Archived)Rod1984611/10/2013
Actual Castlevania Lords of Shadow OST releases for purchase, plus an artbook! (Archived)Jonathan_F_G411/2/2013
board alive? couple of questions..... (Archived)ANARCHYRULZ310/16/2013
Does anyone think this game is too long...? (Archived)roadtosalvation810/16/2013
Do scrolls count towards the level percentage? (Archived)Zeusty310/1/2013
Undocumented Error (Archived)SilverScarCat18/28/2013
"I've done... questionable things" - Roy Batty from Blade Runner (Archived)DrLight6638/22/2013
Whoever came up with the trial for Chess (Archived)Thefallenseraph37/25/2013
How to recover the lost saved game data after "unhandled error"? (Archived)denispln27/10/2013
n00b question: where the heck is the health? (spoilerish) (Archived)Dirk_McHardpeck26/27/2013
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