Silent Hill Homecoming PC Game Save After Scarlet Boss Battle + How To Beat Her

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5 years ago#1
Well all other links to a game save like this are either down or incorrect and the other thread on the topic is closed so I am opening a new thread.

This game save starts you in the town hall just after the boss battle with Scarlett. One smog has been killed just outside of the door near the save point. Nothing else in the building has been touched.
Your inventory contains 1 serum, 1 large medipack and 2 small medipacks (also the crowbar).

Find the Game Save location on your hard drive here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Silent Hill Homecoming

On your windows desktop, right click on your start button in the left hand corner of your screen, click 'open windows explorer' and paste that into the address bar to get to the location quickly.

Copy your old game save out in case you need it later (it will be called 'shv_save.bin') and put it somewhere else on your HD. Then once you have downloaded the game save from the megaupload link above, copy that one into the same location in its place.

I know this info might be superfluous to most of you but just in case someone didn't know.


There is a glitch in the Silent Hill homecoming boss battle that prevents you progressing past Scarlet's first boss stage. Once you get her on her hands and knees the game tells you to first press the right button and then the left button. The problem is the left button does not work so this sequence will repeat for ever.

Here's the get around: Once she's on her hands and knees, go into your game options, then your control options and change button 0 (left mouse) to a key on the keyboard, for example 'C'. Go back into your game and when it tells you to press the left mouse button, repeatedly press 'C'. The game will then progress and you can change the light attack move back to button 0.
5 years ago#2
The above game save location in the previous post is for Windows 7 users. It might be the same for windows Vista users too.

For XP users it might be here:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents

See this thread:
5 years ago#3
Here's a new game save for after the Scarlett Boss battle:
Items include: Saw, crowbar, Order soldier costume, 3x serums, 7 small medipacks, 3 large medipacks.
5 years ago#4
Just learned you can't upload game saves for PC games to gamefaqs so I'll post this other one here.

This game save for Silent Hill Homecoming on the PC starts you with ending 2 and ending 5 already completed.
That means when you start a new game, you will find a rotary saw in the garage and a laser Pistol (with infinite ammo) will be found on the
trunk by the bunk bed in Josh and Alex's Room, both in the Shepherd House.

You will also get the option to use two extra costumes: Order Soldier Alex and Deputy Alex. There is also a 'No Dogs Allowed Achievement' unlocked. Not sure what this, maybe there's no dogs...I haven't played with it yet.

To use it, just start a new game. You do not need to load one of the save files though the save file for the last completion of the game is the one in the last slot. If you load that one, it'll put you at the last boss battle.

Here is is:
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