how do i get out of this finicial crisis?

#1coolo_xPosted 9/4/2009 1:41:37 PM
-_- im playing one of those skirmish mode competing with other computer AI players..... but if i don't expand soon.... they'll take over good islands (you know big chunk of lands with a lot of natural resources) but then i'll lose money too quickly to support my colonies and my homeland >_>

how do you guys balance out expansion and maintain your treasury cash flow?

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#2OgreBPosted 9/4/2009 2:14:31 PM
Just build a warehouse on an island that you want for later on...and just get back to it later.
Only hard AI will try to occupy it....medium AI might also if it is one of the rare islands ( grapes etc)

But I just cruise around my home base and find the islands I want for later a warehouse and get back to it later when it's time to get the resources on it.
#3ValisunPosted 9/4/2009 2:57:26 PM
I'm learning that you have to be careful when claiming islands though. I'm playing one of the medium difficulty scenarios right now and my islands are being occupied by both the hard and medium ai's constantly, claiming them doesn't seem too make too big of a difference. The hard ai even went on my main oriental island that was half filled. If you are playing with stronger AI's who might occupy an Island with you anyways, just claim the next 1 or 2 islands that you want, and not like that oriental island you plan to use for coffee when you're still in the citizen stage.

Also you still lose a lot of reputation when they complain to you that they want your island. Sometimes it even seems to me that they'll complain multiple times about the same Island? Can anybody confirm if they do this?
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#4MrUtadaPosted 9/5/2009 7:51:30 AM
whenever you start a new game. check out all of the islands first. and then start the game again and go to the one that is best.

then remember the others and quickly get to the vizier to get an oriental boat.

use that to build more warehouses on other islands. and slowly work your way through the game. you should be able to maintain it.

also go to my guide here.

just follow on how to maintain money.;title
#5ShuazoidoPosted 9/5/2009 8:59:32 AM

My friend, work towards achieving a city with a cathedral.

A cathedral is a HUGE Jail, Entertainment centre, Company, Prayer area rolled into 1 relatively low cost building.

This will become a city that can actually churn out cash without absorbing much cash.

How to do so.

Pick a huge island as your "homebase", create wood and tool stuff there, fish too maybe cider. OUTSOURCE the rest.

Your little orient boat can transport them and create many island creating many goods back to your homebase. Its going to look lovely with so many ships floating around.

IMPORTANT POINT - First, set to super green to allow for ascencion and "moving in" pops. Then switch to orange for "calm" and maximum income.

IMPORTANT POINT 2 - Never create in excess, you prolly wont sell them so dont bother. Expand your city as you expand your farming. You can always check if "stocks are emptying/filling up"

IMPORTANT POINT 3 - SELL THE EXCESS. Yes you will have some, sell them all!

IMPORTANT POINT 4 - DEMAND TRIBUTE, YOU ARE KING. Demand from Meds and Easy dudes, the hard ones will scoff in your face.

IMPORTANT POINT 5 - Do Quests, the money is good, sell some of the rewards and honor points can get you loans @ 10k per 300 honor. But if Lord and Vizar arent happy, they will take your honor w/o giving gold in return.

IMPORTANT POINT 6 - If the enemy settles on an island, dont be so quick to engage in warfare, buy fertilities then settle. Go fook them up later when you got time.

Its very hard to get a deficit unless you are overproducing goods, then the best thing to do would be to build more houses to consume the excess and get some loans to tide you over.

#6AstralNRGPosted 9/5/2009 12:52:47 PM
Whaaat? How is Cathedral a low cost building?! It takes like.. an hour to build it and 1000 in maintenance cost. It doesn't even cover that large of an area! The size of the building already covers 20% of its affected area.

But regarding topic,

Just push for tons of citizens, until you get a satisfactory amount of income flow. I usually don't push for Patricians until i get at least +500 coming it. Once you start getting Patricians, build two chains for bread, so you can sell the excess.

If you're gonna push for tons of citizens (like 100 citizen houses) you're probably going to need 7-9 lumber mills.
#7ValisunPosted 9/5/2009 2:57:25 PM
whenever you start a new game. check out all of the islands first. and then start the game again and go to the one that is best.

Effective, but I'd call that cheating ;)
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#8MrUtadaPosted 9/5/2009 5:37:00 PM
that isn't even close to cheating.

cheating is using a trainer
#9ValisunPosted 9/5/2009 11:14:24 PM
Just because it doesn't involve cheat codes or "trainers" doesn't mean its not cheating.

You're obviously giving yourself a big advantage by scoping out all the islands first and knowing exactly where to start your base and exactly where to find the Vizier. There's a reason when creating a custom continuous mode, if you choose to reveal the whole map at the start of a game the difficulty points goes down.

Not that cheating in a single player game is big deal of course.
What you see from the stands when there's a fat cheerleader by PlatinumTLC
#10MrUtadaPosted 9/5/2009 11:20:23 PM
obivously, i have it revealed and i'll scope it all out first.

The A.I. cheat anyway. so you're already at a disadvantage either way.