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8 years ago#1
after watching some youtube videos of a couple songs, it seems like the motions do not always match up to the beats/rhythm of the song...almost like the developers just threw in a bunch of movements and didn't check as to whether they made sense in the context of the song.

for those of you who have played it, what are your feelings on this?

thanks :)
8 years ago#2
You're talking about the robot's movements? It's there to tell the player what movements to make when the next bars scroll by. Each type of movement has 3 different speeds to match the rhythm, and is shown visually by the length of the bars that scroll by the pace of the song too. Much of the time, during gameplay, the robot just demonstrates the movements in a set speed.

The important part is that the player has to keep with the rhythm when performing those moves, but that videos don't show what goes on offscreen.

BTW, I love this game. It's so fun. Don't worry about the robot's speed though, since it doesn't hinder the gameplay or ruin the pace, at least not for me.
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8 years ago#3
jadon, thanks for the reply. that makes sense, although I'm still wondering about when the game wants you to do the movements, by indication of the bars, are those bars/motions that you do matched up to the rhythm of the song? it just seems like you aren't making motions that are directly related to the beat, instead you are making motions that sometimes line up with the music, but not always...like sometimes you're just making motions for the sake of making motions. if there's a sequence where you punch 8 times in a row, i want to hear that expressed in the music somehow. i know i would love the game otherwise, but i'm worried this one aspect is going to take away my enjoyment of it. let me know what you think...thanks!
8 years ago#4
Actually, what you probably saw was one the songs on easy mode, where the movements come few and far between. It's just for beginners who need to take their time to learn the movements and get the hang of it. Because it's slow, it seems as though the movements come randomly. The the medium and hard difficulties rush you with more movements, however, and causes the action to catch up to the music actual pace.

If you've played DDR before, you should understand. You should go to gonintendo.com and the latest end of day thoughts has a video. The first 2/3 of the video is just the tutorial, but the song starting at 6:25 is where you should get a good taste for the game.
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8 years ago#5
I watched that video and a couple new ones posted to youtube and the beat does seem to match up pretty well, the one video that concerned me was this one:


I have played DDR, which is why I'm so picky about the motions matching up to the beat. Watch that video and let me know what you think of it.

Also, how accurate is the motion sensing? Is it easy to exploit, or do you really need to do the motions properly (which is what I'm hoping for)?

8 years ago#6
Hmmm. The hard mode for that song is just to hard to keep up with as a viewer that it would throw me off the beat too. I haven't unlocked that yet, but I'm sure actually performing rather than just watching gives you a better feel for the beat. I guess that's just how it goes. I haven't been a passive observer too much, so I didn't realize how it looks to other people.

As for the accuracy, there's a calibration mode that motion captures your interpretations for each movement in each speed setting, so it can compare the accuracy of your in-game movements to your calibrated movements.. Nobody moves exactly the same way, that's why they allow a separate profile for each player to customize and adapt to their uniquenesses.

Sorry if I may not be very good at explaining things. Experience the game itself if the fastest way to learn.

If you haven't already watched the developer video for the game, here it is.
It explains the calibration much better than I could.
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8 years ago#7
I think I'm going to go ahead and get it - being a rhythm/music game fan and a trance fan, there's too much I like about it not to! ;) thanks for the information!
8 years ago#8
It's one of the most worthwhile Wiiware games out right now in my opinion, and there's not very many out there.
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8 years ago#9
They don't really line up on easy mode so much. It's when you hit medium and hard where your arm flailing is done to the beat. Sometimes it's hard to keep up, sometimes it's just hard not slapping yourself in the face with the wiimote. >.< You may laugh but I'm being serious.
8 years ago#10
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