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We need deeper storyline. (Archived)maizemaize15/31/2012
Tom Clancy's Advance Wars (Archived)Rexels112/31/2010
Too bad board is dead, this is an interesting game (Archived)Dogbarian16/25/2010
not what i expected (Archived)shadow33366210/1/2009
Can you use the mic. to give orders? (Archived)TheMercMaster17/30/2009
This or Brothers In Arms DS? (Archived)TheMercMaster37/30/2009
This game is very generic, but not bad. (Archived)JP_Sartre26/18/2009
Is This Game Worth Getting (Archived)Neku91513/9/2009
so does this version focus more on the story than the others? (Archived)notzapkeet22/20/2009
killing units (Archived)shrekjeck12/9/2009
Doez I ownz dis boardz too? Yez, teh nobodyz posts here! (Archived)SuperKrauser0221/17/2009
Good game but lots of room for other features would make this great. (Archived)imgoingmad71/2/2009
Not exactly like AdvWars. DOn't judge a book by its cover, as they say... (Archived)
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THIS = PANZER TACTICS DS w/o WIFI = FAIL (Archived)The__Mute212/10/2008
can you go back if you accidently moved/attacked and want to change your mind? (Archived)Wiiothetwo411/22/2008
any mic (Archived)fredy342311/22/2008
It`s official. EndWar on DS is an AdvanceWars ripoff. (Archived)
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Satalite Update... (Archived)bluebomberV3611/20/2008
Thanks DS (Archived)
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Destroy all anti-aircraft units (Enforcers, Europe, Mission 7 or 8) (Archived)Zack_Wilder311/17/2008
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