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Sony should update ICO and Colossus for the PS4 as well
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Eurogamer asked Shuhei Yoshida about Last Guardian
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The Last Guardian beign developed in top forminfamousify69/29 2:17PM
I have my doubts that this game is canceled. *SotC and Ico spoilers* (Archived)hisroyalbonkess49/18 9:13PM
Wow, Final Fantasy XV gets a trailer, and now we got The Last Guardian news too! (Archived)SavenForever29/17 8:40PM
I still have not forgotten about this project (Archived)Jonathan_F_G49/2 7:55PM
5 years are gone and still no news = this game is dead -> forever (Archived)Ezyiell38/27 9:46AM
Sony Having Japan Press Conference (Archived)Ada-Wong-Fan58/21 4:21PM
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TLG is lost...but a new game is coming called: Rime (Archived)somasworld98/13 6:55PM
Could the temple we see in the Debut trailer be... (Archived)JayStrike58/12 11:14AM
Does anyone still care about this game (Archived)
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why can't we just (Archived)
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ive got a source from japan that told me this game was canceled (Archived)Ezyiell37/27 11:39PM
The reason I bought a PS3... (Archived)okamhunite66/30 7:52AM
New game from ex-Team Ico members (Archived)DGR159086/28 3:26PM
The reason why there's no info for this game is because (Archived)Deedubau56/16 6:39PM
Another year. (Archived)
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A small update/acknowledgement from Sony. (Archived)kanto_wanderer56/11 10:12PM
Nothing good has ever come from a game being in development this long. (Archived)DelectableTears56/11 10:53AM