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***VANE*** is the NEW The Last Guardian (Archived)Ezyiell32/18 5:25PM
E3 is coming in June (Archived)Pirwzwhomper62/17 11:33AM
No more trademark (Archived)J-Fly72/17 10:37AM
former sony exec says something unexpected (Archived)k debonair32/15 6:24AM
What went wrong? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
_Goggalor_281/14 3:24PM
The reason why TLG is not in developement anymore!!! (Archived)Ezyiell101/4 4:56AM
Any new trailers/screenshots since the game was first announced? (Archived)pikmintaro812/23 1:13PM
I will not stop hoping until the game is in my hands (Archived)_Goggalor_312/12 6:36AM
Do you care about this game's release anymore? (Poll)Saiyan_Emperor712/10 4:56AM
What is the next news we will hear of this? (Poll)ss4parrothair212/8 2:12AM
Sony should update ICO and Colossus for the PS4 as well (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
imaguy21611/19 12:19PM
Eurogamer asked Shuhei Yoshida about Last Guardian (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Ada-Wong-Fan2710/14 3:15PM
The Last Guardian beign developed in top form (Archived)infamousify69/29/2014
I have my doubts that this game is canceled. *SotC and Ico spoilers* (Archived)hisroyalbonkess49/18/2014
Wow, Final Fantasy XV gets a trailer, and now we got The Last Guardian news too! (Archived)SavenForever29/17/2014
I still have not forgotten about this project (Archived)Jonathan_F_G49/2/2014
5 years are gone and still no news = this game is dead -> forever (Archived)Ezyiell38/27/2014
Sony Having Japan Press Conference (Archived)Ada-Wong-Fan58/21/2014
Finally some news... (Archived)danger_brandon28/14/2014
TLG is lost...but a new game is coming called: Rime (Archived)somasworld98/13/2014
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