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Here's a bit of TLG news. Links to back it up. (Archived)
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EDGE: Ueda terribly sorry for The Last Guardian delay (Archived)
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New update if you haven't seen it yet (Archived)
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If this game ends up getting canceled, I don't know if my heart can take it ;-; (Archived)OpheliaAdenade312/23 9:09PM
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They're waiting to reintroduce it. (Archived)
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Yoshida teases The Last Guardian for PlayStation 4 during Spike TV Event (Archived)Ada-Wong-Fan111/14 11:14PM
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The Last Guardian in "earnest" development. (Archived)
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I have no idea if this is allowed on GFAQs but I made a "Downfall" video (Archived)LegendaryUman109/4/2013
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