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do you expect to see a sandbox openenviorment like SOTC or a closed enviorment (Archived)Buba_Trumps86/23/2009
Combat gameplay (Archived)TheWidow_IE36/23/2009
So do you think the boy will at some point get a sword? and just how old is he? (Archived)Buba_Trumps46/23/2009
PAL version extras (Archived)Muv-Luv96/23/2009
The leaked trailer (Archived)SolidWander36/23/2009
gameplay speculation, will you be able to control the griffin? (Archived)Buba_Trumps66/23/2009
So why should i be looking forward to the game? (Archived)
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Preorder Uncharted 2 and get The Last Guardian demo, how funny would that be? (Archived)Fire_G46/22/2009
I don't even like video games anymore and this makes me want a PS3 (Archived)Tomfinn8816/21/2009
April Release Date (Archived)RedRaven8016/21/2009
Team Ico Collection (Archived)Fox_Deimos36/21/2009
Will Adam Sandler be Playing this Game, too? (Archived)Crimson_Merc96/21/2009
Gametrailers Comparison (Archived)XenroHachi26/21/2009
Oh man, what if the kid is actually *sotc spoilers* (Archived)
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Is this game going to suffer from barren landscapes too? (Archived)AnathemaEntropy66/21/2009
This is the best upcoming game. Why can't more people see that? (Archived)
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Music? (Archived)CryBaby5126/20/2009
This is what The Last Guardian will consist of (theories)... (Archived)seafoampheonix46/19/2009
This is why I love Penny Arcade... (Archived)
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Is the kid... (Archived)Vampman2476/19/2009
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