(SPOILERS) I just finished the game. Can someone clear up the ending for me?

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6 years ago#1
So, I finished the game yesterday. I didn't get all the 108 starbeares, didn't even try.

However when I completed the game.. I was kinda confused. Was that really it?

The one king didn't really say that much. I didn't get what the main character was hinting at, regarding the one kings origin or purpose.. or something like that. What was that about, the starbearers and the tablet?

And then, at absolute end the character said he was going somewhere.. and then credits rolled. Was there an alternate/extended ending there depending if you got all the starbearers?

Just before the last boss battle I didn't play the game for three months, so it just may be me that forgot some important details and coulnd't string everything together.

But, what really happened at the end, regarding the one king, agenda and origin? I understand I beat him and everything "went to normal", etc, etc.

Overall I have to say this game was actually fun to play. Good production values, awesome score and awesome backgrounds. A good handheld rpg that moved quickly and was easy to play.

Could have done without the chibi models.. they only distract from the "seriousness" of the story.
6 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#3
No, there is no explenation for it. Reason being that this is game is a poorly written travesty.

The implication is that the One King was a Tenkai star from another world that sacrificed the other 107 stars to defeat the One KIng, and by doing that he becomes the One King.

Which for any reasonable intelligent being is just nonsensical crap once you think about it for longer than 1 second.
Of course I'm sane, when trees start talking to me, I don't talk back.
6 years ago#4
Wow, really? Do you think I should be purged? Wiped out? From what, the earth? From gaming?

That is REALLY harsh.

I still stand by my comments. This game is good and enjoyable for WHAT IT IS, which is a HANDHELD rpg game. Handheld games should NOT be the next Final Fantasy. They should be easy to pick and play, in short bursts. The story should not be too long. The game should move swiftly, etc.

I think that trying to cram in a game of the same magnitude as it would be on a console is not what developers should strive or be praised for, when it comes to handhelds. They should be praised when they successfully create a game within the limits of a handheld while at the same time utilizing all the limits to their advantage.

That is why, again, I think Suikoden Tierkreis is enjoyable.

And about the story.. the reason I put "seriousness" between exclamation marks is because, to me, the story is not serious, I can't embrace directly.. this may be cause the actual story is not that interesting or its poorly told.
HOWEVER, I do understand that this story is serious by the developers standards, or by Japanese standards. This is what they considered serious. I can however take the stories they tell and try to apply it in my world, my mind.. so that I in someway feel connected to the game.

I don't know about what other jrpgs you've played that doesn't follow the same kind of formula as this game. But almost every jrpg I've played follows the same formula. Some kind of entity or being trying to correct a world that he/she thinks is faulty, but by doing so, a lot of people has to suffer. Therefore a hero, or heroes comes forward with super correct moral values that cannot for the world be changed by anything. They defeat this evil entity and try to build a better world in "the hard way" or something like that. There may be some delving into philosophical questions.. like "maybe the only way to save this world is to wipe out mankind, cause ultimately they are rotten to their core". Although the hero swiflty tells otherwise and convinces the player and everyone else that there's gotta be a better way, etc.

This is how jrpgs are and have always been. They may change in the future.. but this is how their culture is wired.

This is also what I expected when I started playing this game, I actually wanted something like this because it was such a long time ago I played a good old school jrpg.

And I think your comment is kind of weird. You make it sound like this is the kind of rpgs is what gamers want today. I have to disagree. Just look at how much western rpgs have taken over now. Fallout, oblivion, dragon age, fable, mass effect and so forth. This is the type of console rpgs that shines today. NOT the typical jrpgs. Gamers today have probably just gotten tired of the same old stories told by jrpgs (myself included, that is why I don't play them as often). That doesn't mean they can't be enjoyable. Every jrpg has some features, quirks that makes them enjoyable despite the probability of being cliches.

All of this I've written can be of course be told the other way around. I could probably point out as many things in western rpgs and twist it that way. But what would be the point? It's just opinions. It's not right or wrong. You just basically told that everyone who thinks in some way that you don't like or agree with are wrong, and should be "purged".

I didn't ask for that when I posted my thoughts. However what I could have expected is "this guy shares an opinion that I don't agree with. Well I'm going to post my opinions WITHOUT telling the guy what is right or wrong based only on MY OPINIONS. I'm just going put what I think out there and people may take or leave it"

For my first post ever on gamefaqs I get this kind of reply. Didn't expect that.

Geez. Purge?

How dare you.
6 years ago#5
All right. Thanks for the answer. That is just the answer I wanted.
6 years ago#6
It is not nonsensical that by sacrificing the other 107 stars, a Tenkai Star left alone becomes the One King. What you need to understand is that stars, in Tierkreis, represent possible futuures, and by burning out their power to attack the One King, you effectively erase those futures from that dimension... all but one future. That of the Tenkai Star.

And the One King is all about... guess what... 'One world, one future'. Which, by consuming all other futures, you pretty much enforce. Hence why a Tenkai Star who sacrifices all others becomes The One King - they made it so that dimension no longer has varied futures.
Does Hydlide really count as a game? I thought it was supposed to be some kind of torture session. --Tocawe
6 years ago#7
Yeah, well I did say you had to be reasonably intelligent to see it.
Of course I'm sane, when trees start talking to me, I don't talk back.
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