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This board depresses me (Archived)caveman757023/13/2011
July 13th is getting fairly close... (Archived)
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This item will be released on July 13, 2010. (Archived)
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4/13/10 .. I hope ;) (Archived)dhowerter83/22/2010
GameFaqs says March 13th, Amazon says April 13th, who is right? (Archived)dhowerter32/14/2010
DiehardGameFan's Artcile on this game :) (Archived)dhowerter42/3/2010
When Are They Gunna Make Some Games Based Off Of US Arcade Shooters? (Archived)GaryAtEastern72/1/2010
Anybody have an updated release date? (Archived)stargazer64101/26/2010
Trailer! (Archived)Yoko311/12/2009
We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on October 25 2009 (Archived)Garbage_Day111/10/2009
Shipped Out Yet? (Archived)
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No delayed date... (Archived)J5_isAlive110/26/2009
Pic of USA Wii Boxart for this game... with the name spelled wrong ;) (Archived)dhowerter89/21/2009
Game Pushed Back to Oct. 27 - Also $20 Now (Archived)MathU39/19/2009
Do you think it will be available at gamestop? (Archived)J5_isAlive19/16/2009
Current USA Wii release date? (Archived)dhowerter18/26/2009
If I hated all the other Milestone shmups, will I like this? (Archived)InvisibleYogurt58/23/2009
When is the OTHER UFO published 2D shooter, Saint coming out in the USA? (Archived)dhowerter38/4/2009
When is the USA Wii release date for this game? (Archived)dhowerter27/16/2009
Looks like UFO is going to localize this after all. (Archived)MathU66/7/2009
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