Error in FAQ, V2 Gundam section

#1SardienPosted 11/29/2008 3:06:57 PM
Under the V2 AB melee list:

bc |Wings of Light | bc>bc>bc | 236 |

Under the basic combo list:

bc>bc>bc>CSa | 234 |

I can't believe that the CS gains healing properties after 3 Wings of Light :P
#2DoctorNekoPosted 11/29/2008 3:10:48 PM
Actually, after the third hit of WoL, the target is actually down (yellow lock). What the combo does is that you cancel your third hit in the middle with its CSa. And since cancels does significantly less damages, it results in fewer damages.
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#3Sardien(Topic Creator)Posted 11/29/2008 3:28:22 PM
Ah, my bad. WoL x3 damage is pretty good then, I thought that was the wrong value.