Dreamy Theater and PSP synchronization Problem

#1LanzohajimePosted 2/19/2011 4:54:11 PM
At the Main Screen says that I need to connect the PSP to the PS3 and then press X button if its connected. But when the PSP is connected into the PS3 (actually i have the Patch installed to my PSP to start the game), it won't synchronize and won't start the game. It took me for long hours to wait to start the game but it won't start. The PSP was in USB mode cuz thats what it says.

Can somebody please solve my problem and I really want to play the game really bad!!! ( T-T)
#2KirbyKollectorPosted 2/20/2011 2:16:47 PM
You need to download the Dreamy Theater PSN program to your PSP and start that up with a USB cable connected.

When you purchased Dreamy Theater, it should've added two items to your download queue - one for PSP and one for PS3. Connect your PSP and select the Dreamy Theater PSP program from the PS3 menu to activate and transfer to your PSP.

If you're missing the PSP program, go back to the PSN store and redownload the PSP program from your purchase history.
#3KirbyKollectorPosted 2/20/2011 2:28:46 PM
I also forgot to note - You don't need the Project Diva UMD in the PSP when connecting. You just need save data created on that PSP (as in, not imported from another PSP or downloaded off the net) on the Memory Stick or internal flash (if you're on PSPGo).