Maxing SP. AP, and Misc. questions.

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Just finished the game on normal (Totally pissed I have to do true end to get leo's sword) so I went to start NG+ on hard now. I was told everything would transfer over, but the only things that transferred where those Atk + items that you add to your armor and rings. Is that normal or were my weapons and smiting material suppose to come as well?

The other thing is that I want to know you can maximize your overall AP (The cap) cause Leonhardt got stuck at like 74 which was killing me but beatrice had like 92 or something. Then what formation and field do y'all use or recommend for me to get the most AP out of a turn. Currently I'm using the "Force Field" with Leo =1 , Ladius = 6 and the other 4 don't' really matter, I just make them link to either Leo or Ladius. I also have really high speed on both of them to make sure everyone gets a big hit of AP on their turns.

Another problem I was having on Gen 5 was my SP was growing to slowly and it seems that the only time it would grow a lot is when I got over killed by the EX3 attack of a boss. So my question is what is the most effective method of gaining SP quickly? Using items with ladius gives me like 10SP but only 5 with Leo. I'm not sure either but do you get more SP when you make combos "Execution for example vs. just Square Cross" or single attacks? Finally does using boosting magic boost the SP of the character that is being boosted?

Thanks for the help guys.
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Weapons don't transfer to harder difficulties on NG+.
For transferable items to NG+, check this list:

For AP, I'd say get the best weapons, armors and accessories and enhance them to lv5 to get the maximum amount of AP. Also Class-upping your character will add to your AP.

I started the game right form hard difficulty and I've had no trouble at all. Not a single boss gave me a hard time, and currently I am in Extended Boundary Plane.
My format was to use Leo as the core of my team as he has the best willpower in the game, "Energy." Anyone linked to Leo via his extended field would gain more AP each turn, and the more characters are linked to him, the more the AP gain would be. In my opinion, the best way to utilize it was to have the "Fundamental Field." and have Leo as #1. Then add each of your party member to the extended fields of Leo. You would Maximize your AP in 2 turns. Max AP is your characters normal AP amount x2. For example, my Leo has an AP of 52, so his max AP would be 104.

My team is Leo(main damager/core, Ladius(tank/2nd damager), Thoma(long range attacks), Winfield(ex steal), Rex(sacrificial lamb), Ellis(healer). The most important ones to keep are Leo, Ellis and Winfield for ex stealing rare items, but only Leo is a MUST have.

When it comes to SP gain, I don't really think it's necessary unless you're fighting bosses or gods, and want to overkill them for their items. Best way for that is to have a sacrificial lamb WAY on the front(at least 4 tiles' difference than the rest of the party) and have them block the way of the boss/enemy. If you have Ellis on your party and have used Proof of Valor on her to class-up her, she'll get her EX3 skill, which gives her AMAZING amount of range in the field. She can reach almost anywhere as long as she's linked to others. So one your sacrificial lamb gets killed, use Ellis to resurrect him/her, and then move her back to her spot. Rinse and repeat until you have your desired amount of SP. Also remember to equip Ellis with a MOV+3 item as she gets a maximum of 3-4 moves on each turn.
Also any boost/heal magic grants the caster and the target 5SP, so remember to give your sub-characters at least 1 boost skill. You don't get more SP for combos, but you get 25 for each enemy you kill IF you used a single character for that. Each attack gives you 5SP and each time you get attacked you get 5SP
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Thanks for the AP info. Is there any way to raise the base AP besides equipment and class change? some thing like AP up? You also mentioned the MOV+3, would that add 3 more AP (Apart from what the ring already gives when enhanced to lvl 5) ?

On the transfer thing, I doubled checked and the things fail cause I went from normal to NG+ hard. I did NG+ normal again and I had all the items again. Fail me for reading your link after seeing it for myself xD

I'll be trying your formation tonight and see if it works out great. Did anyone else also disown duran? xD
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EmeralSoul posted...
Thanks for the AP info. Is there any way to raise the base AP besides equipment and class change? some thing like AP up? You also mentioned the MOV+3, would that add 3 more AP (Apart from what the ring already gives when enhanced to lvl 5) ?

I'm afraid those are the only ways to increase AP. I don't play the game right now as I'm enjoying Mass Effect 3 so I can't say for sure, but I think those are the only methods of getting the highest AP possible. MOV+3 only adds to the amount of tiles that character can move at the start of a turn. It doesn't affect AP at all. I also don't think there's any AP+ items.