Perfect Path Guide Question

#1jasonthe123Posted 4/23/2012 9:08:07 AM(edited)
I'm about to boot the game up. If I follow the guide on the Agarest Wiki will I obtain all achievements?
Or rather will it cause me to miss anything that I'll have to do a New Game + to get?
Are there any optional characters I'll miss?
Will I miss any titles?

Sorry for the questions but I'd hate to have to re-do the game for one mistake. =]

Also, I'll be playing on hard to try to finish the game on one go but I'm not looking for a challenge, just some fun. I've heard DLC's can help level out the playing field, any specific ones I should go for? Not looking to spend alot of points.
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#2nick20050Posted 4/24/2012 8:10:38 AM
well if you miss a CG it doesn't affect the feelings of the girls so missing one is ok but you will have to do the game over to get that cg unfortunatly but you will still get the achivements but not all the CG