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Generations question *spoilers obviously* (Archived)SlaveBlade311/13/2011
Turn Counts? (Archived)masked_yazoo811/13/2011
Just played this game and progressing..... SPOILERS (Archived)supershadonic811/10/2011
Boundary Edge (Archived)rosariocapu2311/7/2011
Limited editions (Archived)
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Alright using names only to avoid spoilers what would be my best team for Gen.3 (Archived)IhateSeymour711/5/2011
When Does Gen 1 end and what is Gen 2 like? please no spoilers (Archived)IhateSeymour411/5/2011
How do you see the energy of characters? (Archived)Zacek311/3/2011
Good party for end of the game fighting gods (Archived)nuyuki611/2/2011
Wait what I beat chaos and nothing happend (Archived)nuyuki211/2/2011
Need help finding these items or getting them (Archived)nuyuki411/2/2011
Do special type skills have any purpose? (Archived)Mayonesa410/20/2011
Not sure if this was asked already... (Archived)Seraphim9310/17/2011
What exactly does overkilling an enemy mean? (Archived)Seraphim9310/15/2011
Should I spend money on creating zombies Leon and his 3 lovers? (Archived)magicalclick410/12/2011
So in a nutshell this game wanted you to start off on hard (Archived)DingoEnderZOE2410/10/2011
Really High HP and low attack enemy's (Archived)IhateSeymour310/8/2011
RPGMaster's Hard Mode Low Level True Ending No DLC Items Challenge Log (Archived)
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RPGMaster Right Here1710/3/2011
Elaine in 1st gen. (Archived)Stratigical310/3/2011
Just beat 5th Gen Hard Starting True Ending questions (Archived)mowmow210/1/2011
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