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7 years ago#1
What the crap? Is it just me or is this game very difficult even against an "easy" AI? I start off ok , you know capping points and building posts on them, but it seems like no matter how many points I cap, no matter how many territories I hold the AI is always a step ahead. Then when I try to build up some kind of defense force, I get "not enough manpower", "not enough fuel".

Any of you have some build orders for a newbie like myself to use? Or should I use my engineers to bum rush and cap every point I can get my hands on the second the game begins? I'm pretty pathetic at this game as it stands right now. I've been playing as Americans btw.
7 years ago#2
Don't build observation posts, and use the manpower to get more units on the field. That will solve most of your problems at the moment; you'll pick the rest up as you go along.

If you want to get ahead, think about how you're losing rather than asking for build orders. If you're losing because the enemy has more units than you, then you need to build more units next time. If you're running low on manpower, then think about what you're spending manpower on. If you need more fuel, think about whether you're spending fuel wisely or gaining enough fuel income. Build orders are pointless if you haven't grasped the basics of the game and how to respond to certain situations.
7 years ago#3
To TC, when it comes to dealing with AI, there is a always a progressive pattern. The AI cannot be as innovative and cunning as a real player since it has limits with its programming structure. However, where the AI lacks in tactics, it greatly makes up for it in massing and scope with speed and precision.

The AI, in skirmish will usually abuse the power of multi-tasking over human attention spam. The AI will bombard you with great numbers while being able to develop a base and gather more strategic point at the same time. The most cunning tactic the AI can do is abuse your attention spam, this is done by bypassing the usual range of sight or fog of war. While the player is limited with vision, the AI isn't. The AI will harass you where you don't know or see it. And by the time you send out a Air raid the Ai would have already moved to a new location and it knows when your using the bluff version (british false arty).

But as a real player, your advantage is not with spamming or multi tasking, its innovation. Try to think outside the box, don't go following a build pattern shown to you on tutorial, that's for newbs. The AI will follow a particular build pattern, you the player should not. The key to defeating the AI is with teching up. If you could get a armor car or anything in equivalent before the Ai spams you with infantry the better. Tech up, that's the only way you could be ahead of the AI.

The US and Panzer Elite have the ability to build nearly exactly what you need without following a specific build tree. The US allows you to skip the heavy support barracks so you could get greyhounds early, and the PE allows you to choose armored cars followed by marder 3s or maybe go with anti-tank followed by hotchkiss tank.

The UK and the Wechmatch strictly follows a upgrade flow but have better defenses to make up for it. Use the defensive property of UK with their trenches defensive guns. For the WE, use the officer to speed up your vehicle production

Also, try to concentrate with small numbers of infantry with vehicle support. Use the vehicles for harassing and stopping engineers to gather strategic points and infantry as your main assault while teching up. Only secure (meaning build strategic box) on one oil and one ammo point just secure the others. Use the additional resources for teching up.

And last but not the least... PUSH FORWARD, if you cannot destroy their base at least steal their strategic point, or destroy the production building. Yes this is not Starcrfaft or Warcraft where attrition is a key to winning but it does help slow down the enemy development. This is not C&C, you won't even beat an easy AI if you won't push forward and conquer.
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7 years ago#4
^While all that is true, I'd argue it's a matter of basic decision-making. Many new players ask for advanced strategies when their weakness isn't their strategy but their ability to respond to the game. Often it comes down to forgetting to build units or squandering resources on unnecessary things. This isn't Kasparov vs Deep Blue; you don't need to be innovative to beat the AI. You just need to remember the basics and get a feel of the game.
7 years ago#5
Thanks a lot guys. Your information helped out. I just won 3 skirmishes in a row. I built a barracks and an extra engineer squad and a rifle squad and started capturing points. Then I built jeeps and more infantry until I could get a tank depot and Shermans on the field. From then on, it's just a matter of pumping crocodiles and shermans out to push forward with.
7 years ago#6
What you want to do is only OP the larger sectors,because I can tell yhou for the fact the AI likes to send squads of engineers who can cloak by your defense and cap so you suddenly have 1 resource territory and many disconnected ones,
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7 years ago#7
I think having a couple of MGs and a sniper works well against early game AI. It just requires a teeny bit of micro. Have a jeep/bike ready to counter enemy weapon teams. Just use the terrain, don't go charging at a machine gun squad head on etc. That's for the US and Wehrmacht at least.
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7 years ago#8
Stop playing as allies(they suck) go with axis.My win ratio with allies is like 1;8 but with axis its the other way around(in skirmish). I could be taken over terr have tons of units but usually my AI allys suck or the axis would have tons more units. Just my opinion but i think allies much weaker in every way compare to axis.HATE THE SMOKE UPDATE TO THE AIRSTIKE, THAT WAS THERE BEST OFFENSE SPECIAL NOW EVERYONE KNOWS ITS COMING AND GET OUT OF THE RANGE USELESSSSSSSSSSSSSS NOW
7 years ago#9
i should of said thats my exp when playing against hard or expert AI
7 years ago#10
Or, you could ignore the above comment and go with the sound strategic advice already given.
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