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How smooth is online play (Archived)TTW200149/28/2009
Interesting thing I noticed about Omega Rugal... (Archived)ChaoticGood59/20/2009
Looking to add more KOF players to my friends list (Archived)
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Anyone Want To Boost Me For Ten Wins? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Which version of KOF98UM is this? (Archived)Omniphagos49/19/2009
Kof 98 UM Gamertags (Archived)
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anybody wanna boost? (Archived)LaLiLuLeLoSnake39/17/2009
how do u play as orochi shermie, yashiro, chris, iori, leona? (Archived)mibukin29/4/2009
Any tips on dealing with Goro Daimon in original '98? (Archived)Revoredo48/31/2009
wheres a good place to learn stratagies with characers for this game? (Archived)tobal36068/24/2009
The King of Fighters 2002 UM? (Archived)
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Arcade Assist Attacking (Archived)Jinnai_Yzak68/18/2009
Wolfgang Krauser Help Please? (Archived)UraRenge200558/15/2009
How are you expected to encounter either Orochi Leona or Iori? (Archived)TemperanceEX48/15/2009
How do people choose 3 of the same character online? (Archived)Fierce_Mudcrap28/10/2009
Weird thing happened last night. (Archived)TheMoodMeister38/9/2009
missions are impossible to decipher due to crap translation (Archived)hikijitheslayer38/9/2009
Which game has less lag online, KoF Xii or UM ??? (Archived)OMEGA RUGAL108/6/2009
Fun with projectiles (Archived)Rabite28/6/2009
how well does the SFIV fightpad work with this? (Archived)SonicFan75428/4/2009
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