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Is there any way to change the Japanese letters to English? (Archived)heavystrike67/7/2009
damn netcode---imputlag---lag (Archived)
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how do you fight in the new stages in single player (Archived)holeslg7827/7/2009
EX Versions of Characters (Archived)lwcub77/6/2009
Cheap (Archived)ShinMetaKing1227/6/2009
What is COMMAND? (Archived)Dr Whoopass97/6/2009
sigh, just like garou... (Archived)thedarksaga47/5/2009
A few questions about this version... (Archived)me_faiyez47/5/2009
Character unlocking question... (Archived)Lupin the 4th107/5/2009
Um. how to unlock Orich versions of Iori, Leona, Orchi him self and Goentiz? (Archived)Necronmon67/5/2009
Gameplay wise, this or Garou? (Archived)Tentanman77/5/2009
11 years old and still the best KOF (Archived)redcommet200777/5/2009
Horrid Horrid Input Lag (Archived)
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Is it even possible to get the King of Fighters achievement in arcade? (Archived)Ratfoot067/5/2009
KoF + Squaregate (Archived)jombijombi97/4/2009
What is the difference b/t the main game and NeoGeo mode in this version? (Archived)Sipher36037/4/2009
KoF Noob Questions (Archived)Carto0n37/4/2009
King of Fighters Rebirth Episodes 56-64 (season finale) now live! (Archived)Rick_Thompson17/4/2009
Who do I have to select as 2p to get AOF96 theme to play? (Archived)Smurgen57/4/2009
Ultimate mode (Archived)stevenalvarado27/4/2009
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