Set up for play times

#1NikoruYoakePosted 12/4/2011 2:51:32 PM
I think it would be best to set up certain dates & times to play together. So anyone wanting to help me do so, message me & we can set up times that would be best for everyone. :3 Also post your friend codes.
Mine is (1979 3747 9345) nikname: nikoru
#2ZyzzogetonPosted 12/5/2011 4:19:50 PM

Name: Zyzzo
FC : 1206-2817-5777

I'm available around 6PM-12 EST weekdays. Weekends aren't set in stone though
#3KuzimoriPosted 12/5/2011 10:43:38 PM
I'm free most days 1463 9728 7635
#4WariofanaticPosted 12/8/2011 8:56:23 PM
Post a day and time and I'll see if I can make it... will post FC later.
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#5darkus_fPosted 12/10/2011 3:20:10 PM
I'm in. Here's my FC 3611 4686 9065
Pokemon Black FC DARKUS 2795 3636 4514
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