FAQ Topic UAS Edition (please request sticky)

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Gnik has already made a FAQ topic on the CGoH version, so I figured it was time for a UAS topic.

Since people seem to have forgotten to use the search feature, I thought I'd do my part and try to cut down on topic cloning. Most of the universal questions for this game have been answered in Gnik's topic, so I won't be answering any of those.

And awaaaaay we go!

1. What's the difference between this version and CGoH?

The UAS version has a rebalanced roster, new ending artwork (no anime), a "new" opening (the TGS trailer), 5 new characters (Daimao [sp] was removed due to licensing issues), new stages, 1 new 4-player minigame (the others were removed), and no character themes (again, licensing issues).

2. How many characters are there? Who are the new characters?

The full roster is 26 characters. The newcomers are:

Capcom side:

Frank West

Tatsunoko side:

Joe the Condor
Tekkaman Blade
Yatterman #2

3. How do I unlock the new characters?

For the Capcom side, beat Arcade Mode 6 times with a different Capcom character. 3 times for Frank West, another 3 for Zero.

For the Tatsunoko side, same thing, except with Tatsunoko characters. 3 times for Tekkaman Blade, 3 more for Joe the Condor.

For Yatterman #2, beat Arcade mode with each of the unlocked characters.

4. What's the online like?

Online has four modes:

Free Battle
Ranked Battle
Friend Battle
Rival Battle

All battles have double blind character selection, so no counter-picking.

All matches are 99 seconds.

You cannot change match settings, nor can you choose your opponent. It's all random.

Friend codes are not required unless you want to add someone to your friend or rival list.

The four modes are as follows:

Free Battle is basically a player or friendly match.

Ranked is pretty much the same, except you earn Battle Points (BP) with each win.

As your BP goes up, so does your rank.

The higher your rank, the more opponents you'll be able to face.

Friend Battle is a mode where you, well, face your friend. No BP is earned in this mode.

Same for Rival Battle.

5. Is the online laggy? What type of connection is best to play online?

The lag online depends on your connection, as well as your opponent's. When both connections are good, the online play is pretty smooth. If not, the lag can range anywhere from minimal to downright unplayable.

Generally, it's agreed that a wired connection is better than a wireless. However, wireless connections are still playable.

6. Why didn't they include (insert character) in this game?

Because they didn't want to. Get over it.

7. This game isn't gonna sell well. Nobody knows what a Tatsunoko is.

Didn't stop you from buying it, now did it?

People being unfamiliar with Tatsunoko is all the more reason for them to try the game.

8. I heard there are English voice tracks in the game. Is this true?

Only Frank West has an English VA. The rest are Japanese.

9. Is this game easy for a newbie/casual like myself to get into?

Yes. It's easy to pick up and play, yet takes a while to master. It's good for casuals and veterans alike.

10. What is Zero fighting for?

To erase this joke from the face of the earth.

That's all, folks. Read up, and I'll see some of you online!
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nice job man
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Yes! Very Good!

Sticky request in and accepted, nice job
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Nice work, I totally forgot about my sticky topic, lol.
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Nice topic, definitely will help clear things up
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Thanks, everyone. Just trying to do my part.
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Oh you forgot the Color unlock method I just realized (having a character beat the Giant at Stage 4 unlocks there 3rd costume, and beating Yami at stage 8 with that character unlocks costume 4)
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Now all we need is a joystick and online sticky also

Good job as always bro.

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Nice job... I'll sticky request this!

The other thread needs to get de-stickied then.. no?
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No, because it answers the universal questions for this game.

This one is for the UAS version.
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