How Hard is it to Mod a Stick

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User Info: G00dKnight

7 years ago#1
I have a Hori stick than I'm now planning to mod, but I'm wondering how hard is it to do so.

I can buy from Harbor Freight tools a Soldering pen, knock off Dremel grinder, and chip soldering pen holder all for less then $5 as I have coupons. I lost my modding tools when I moved over 8 years ago. Is there any other tools I would need?

I saw some videos on youtube and some either don't give enough info or are confusing as hell. I do know how to mod as I have modded my PS1 and Dreamcast with chips to play japanese games, but I never modded an arcade stick. Will it be much harder?

User Info: T9700

7 years ago#2
I dont know much, but my guess is if you can mod a PS1 and a Dreamcast the stick should be no problem
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User Info: teknic1200

7 years ago#3
I used this guide to do mine:

I highly recommend grabbing a desoldering iron from radio shack, it removes solder like a dream.

it's not to hard, make sure the wires for the buttons are long enough and they'll be easier to attach.
I used a tuperware lid under the bottom of the buttons to shield the metal bottom.
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