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why no zero?guyx2095/19/2009
Will Speed Racer be in this?enjoines15/19/2009
My hopes for TvC Netplaybengalsrz495/19/2009
Thanks for making the move to get this here, Capcom. Now one more thing...
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I Told you guys it can come to the U.S!
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Any chance this will make it to the Ps3 and 360?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Wi-fi capable...?D00ps045/19/2009
Siliconera has the list of characters that will make it to TvC... But not TvC2.King_Krusha65/19/2009
Possible E3 2009 US announcement release?QuietStorm7565/18/2009
I would like to thank everyone for their support in getting this game to the US
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YES! This board is slowly going to the top!King_Krusha55/18/2009
Why does so much stuff get released everywhere BUT America?TakaradaKaoru15/18/2009
ATTN: Those who want more Street Fighter in TVC
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Tatsunoko is just a Japanese Marvelized Hannah-Barbera.
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Given the news about a (possible) NA release, what's the status for EU?Siegfried06675/18/2009
Would Capcom re-release this game in Japan as "TvC: Ultimate All-Stars"?Solid Sonic95/18/2009
Does the game play just fine with the classic controller?HakuMan11138625/18/2009
No Resident Evil representative?HakuMan11138625/18/2009
Release Date?Jump_Man715/18/2009
NA release may get online and new charactersZendaik35/18/2009
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