Plant in Level 2

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8 years ago#1
Any tips on getting past that part of the level?
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May 2009
8 years ago#2
You need to be pretty good at quickly switching between Force Push and Force Pull.

I don't remember exactly, but you need to push or pull (can't remember what goes first). Then, you need to use the opposite (push/pull) force power on the plant.

If you did it right, the boss (not the plant) will charge you. Use force pull the bring the plant down and it'll bite the boss. You'll need to execute this pattern between four and six times to win the fight. Its actually pretty easy once you know what to do.

Hope that helps
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8 years ago#3
Sorry, but that didn't work. Is there more than one part with a big plant? I don't even see a boss anywhere, just a bunch of stormtroopers.
Waiting for Trek XI...
May 2009
8 years ago#4
In stage 2? I don't think so. But I'll go through screen by screen to make sure.

Screen 1 - Four stormtroopers. Force grip/toss
Screen 2 - More troopers. Force grip closest one, choose between Force Grip (as your characters advances) or blocked blaster shots on the rest.
Screen 3 - Force Push/Pull to move rocks into hole, creating path
Screen 4 - Force Grip, Toss four more troopers
Screen 5 - Force Grip Push/Pull threee troopers, blaster block fourth in distance, careful to get sixth trooper as he comes up behind you.
Screen 6 - Blaster reflect (enemy can shoot up to three part of the four part graph)
Screen 7 - This must be what you are talking about. I did this one by accident my first try, but if it had you stumped, you are going to have some SERIOUS problems figuring out later stages. Switch to Force Pull (two fingers down) and concentrate on reflecting blaster fire. When an enemy gets close enough to the plant, its command line (upside down v - sort of) will glow blue.Use Force Pull to drag the plant down and if there is an enemy close enough, the plant will eat it. Feed the plant three enemies to move on. And before you ask, yes, troopers will continue to attack for eternity until you get this right).

For the hell of it, I'm going to finish up the stage.

Screen 8 - Force grip/toss for troopers.
Screen 9 - Force grip/toss two more troopers
Screen 10 - Force grip/toss three more troopers.
Screen 11 - Boss Fight (kinda) - Shaak Ti
A - Top down view - Switch to Force push and begin blocking blaster shots. When you've blocked enough, the blue prompts will light up and you can use Force push to incapacitate the four red mushroom things surrounding you.
B - Behind Jedi view - As Shaak Ti approaches, switch to Force pull. When she gets close, pull the plant down, it'll bite her and thats ot. Repeat pattern four times to win.

Hope that helped and good luck
# of hours I've worked on finishing my Dragon Ball Z tattoo sleeve: 68 hours (9/11/08). Sneak peek:

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