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7 years ago#1
This is hard! Is there an end point you have to get to? Like half an hour, or one hour?

I can't get anywhere with the Vikings. Got to around 19 minutes something with the Aztecs. My best is 24 mins something with the Chinese - then I got massacred by an absolutelly collossal viking hoarde.

Any tips on strategy circa 20 mins plus?

7 years ago#2

Go with Aztec or Chinese and keep the towers up at all time (Even if they get destoryed instantly build them again before the fog makes it impossible to reach that spot). Then you can easily finish off enemies with poison bomb or arrow rain before they are near the third tower.

Also towers build close to catapults, zen masters and necromancers will stop them from attacking and advancing and it's easy to take them out after the rest of the enemies are down (in case of Aztec the tower will do the work itself).

I'm not sure if there is an end. For the achievement you need 30 minutes. My best was 45 minutes before i got overrun by a horde of monkey with multiple group heals...

7 years ago#3
Here's how I did it yesterday. I used the Chinese, since they are easily the best race for this thing. They're the kings of splash damage (rocketeers, arrows and even monkeys) and you need that.

As you noticed, after 20 minutes it gets quite hard. That's why you should try to store up as much mana as you can before that time. By the 20 minute mark, you should have like 1000-1200 mana in reserve. This means that you can't afford to use much in the time before that. And rebuild your Buddhas quickly if they get destroyed. If you need to fend of an enemy horde, make them bunch up by using shield on one of your friendly units and then use the fire arrows to kill them while they're all close together.

Now for after the 20 minute mark. Here's where you're really going to need your spells. You should almost constantly be building rocketeers and also a lot of monkeys. If the enemy has a horde with many ranged units, get 1-2 swordsmen and use shield on him. The swordsman's reflective armour will deal a lot of damage back against the ranged units and you can then easily finish it of with arrows or your own rocketeers. This strategy works really well against enemy rocketeers and catapults, since the reflected projectiles will cause splash damage.

If you manage to get a good bunch of rocketeers together, try to keep them alive at all cost! Use the terracotta army and shield spells to keep the enemies away from your rocket troops. They'll cause massive damage when they're bunched together. The shield spell is also very good to keep your monkeys alive. Use it right before they die and they'll stun the entire army, buying you extra time. The splash damage they do should not be ignored either.

As for the general strategy: try to bunch the enemies together and then use splash damage to kill them. Buddha statues are excellent for making a stand, since enemies will bunch up when attacking those. And always make sure you have enough mana left to cast fire dragon in case of an emergency. Don't let the enemy get near your workers, or you won't last for long. Use the dragon if they get close and give yourself some breathing space. You'll notice that keeping mana reserves is not as easy as it sounds, since your Buddhas will start to fall around the 25 minute mark or even earlier. You have to be efficient.

Well, that's all. I hope you can get it now. I also tried to do the challenge with the Vikings and the Aztecs, but the Vikings cannot hold out past the 20 minute mark and the Aztecs I didn't really try. Chinese is the race you should use.
"Common sense is nothing more than a deposit of prejudices laid down by the mind before you reach eighteen." ~ Albert Einstein
7 years ago#4
^^ sorry for the double post, but I just read the response from the other guy. 45 minutes is really impressive! Good job! Also, I really agree about rebuilding the towers. That's a good trick to cut the enemy forces in two.
"Common sense is nothing more than a deposit of prejudices laid down by the mind before you reach eighteen." ~ Albert Einstein
7 years ago#5
That's great, thanks for taking the time to post all that! Much appreciated and it should definately help me. I hadn't thought to use monkeys.
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