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StickyQuestions that everyone asks (Read if you have a question!) MARK 1 (Sticky)
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Having trouble with two enemy cards in Wonderland (Archived)musicman161627/11 5:51AM
I think I boned myself... Premium Card question/issue (Archived)Peenubus36/22 7:20AM
A much worse experience (spoilers) (Archived)Lloyd13Z55/10 4:19PM
I do not want to give up but I just do not get the battle system (Archived)CrazyDutchwoman53/18 7:44AM
So I Just Found Some Promo Cards.. (Archived)DontTouchMyPie62/19 8:59AM
Warring Spoilers: Why CoM's story is poor (Archived)Rev_Shadow_50821/13 10:23AM
Tips? (Archived)Lego893410/22 6:30AM
Platinum on first Sora run? Excluding beginner and normal runs (Archived)hikamikazesama210/7 7:12AM
In case you're wondering if you should get this game... (Archived)phantomzyrus29/29 7:11AM
How can I use 0 cards? (Archived)MsWarbeck28/21/2014
can you replay boss battles? (Archived)fubuki21147/2/2014
Where to get cloud cards from moogle stores? (Archived)xenapan22/8/2014
Card limits and cheats (Archived)ericgraham198721/10/2014
Wow, the second Axel fight was so much harder than the final bosses! (Archived)xXMythieXx110/17/2013
Who/what is your favorite enemy? (Archived)crazyisgood1001310/15/2013
Enemy Cards and the Map Card Limit (Archived)Thundaka210/4/2013
Question bout the GBA version (Archived)Bongdre110/2/2013
Urgghh I can't stand it anymore (Archived)flying_guy28/13/2013
Conspiracy *spoilers* (Archived)f1madman56/24/2013
Picked up the undubbed version. (Archived)punnett16/18/2013
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