Lol wut...?

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User Info: 93nguin

8 years ago#1
What in the world is this game? I mean, aside from the obvious.

User Info: Staxx99

8 years ago#2
it is a game I will buy on impulse, love it, get stuck, swear at it, put it down for 4 years, then beat it in a week.

User Info: bakasmurf

8 years ago#3
Im suprised its going be release in PS2 rather than PS3.

User Info: jneojian

8 years ago#4
Yeah, for the PS2 and the X360 but not for the PS3. Thank Goodness for backwards compatibility, huh? : )
I will get that pesky Obamabbit! I will I will!
Ha ha ha hee hee! What's up Doc? : )


8 years ago#5
this game looks good.i may buy it on ps2.the grafics is amazing

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