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no point in owning this version or the gamecube version anymore. (Archived)UnknownEnd11/20 6:34AM
You no longer need this game. (Archived)kanto_wanderer18/15 12:58AM
just got/? (Archived)godslayer61112/3/2012
Sometimes, I wish the name Resident Evil had died with Raccoon City... (Archived)Dr_Kain110/4/2012
The Exact Number of Zombies and Monsters/Creatures/B.O.W.'s (SPOILERS) (Archived)Kalamord37/14/2012
New 100% Save With and Without "One Dangerous Zombie" (Archived)Kalamord56/24/2012
Nobody has posted on here since Feb. 27th. :( (Archived)IceDragon7725/28/2012
Will not open unless in first class emergency? HELP! (Archived)RockmanRotties42/27/2012
I went out and bought Resident Evil Archives 1 and 0 and the original gamecube (Archived)MINION21046412/26/2011
What Are The Chance... (Archived)este914112/7/2011
Resident Evil Archives: Cinematics and Voice Acting (Archived)Jjeje17/7/2011
If this game gets a remake in 10 years ... (Archived)
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grenade launcher glitch? (Archived)fluffy_kins24/30/2011
Normal mode help (Archived)Hollowichigo79024/30/2011
Newbie Question. (Archived)RoryMcilroy63/22/2011
REmake or the very original? (Archived)Okihay412/15/2010
is this easy to find in stores ? (Archived)magiceddie05112/13/2010
Unlocking Items Via Home Menu? (Archived)joeygennaro111/5/2010
This is likely... (Archived)Uhh310/19/2010
New Game Modes (Archived)wildturkey69310/7/2010
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