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StickySonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection FAQ [PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING A NEW THREAD] (Sticky)
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the best phantasy star game (Poll)power_troll26/30 5:20PM
Phantasy Star and Shining Force! (Archived)DexterDewhurst13/5 3:47PM
Stupid Blast Processing trophy (Archived)multiplatgamer38/24/2014
One of the best deals out there (Archived)talkingtoast11/24/2014
Get Ahead Trophy (Archived)play_the_game17211/18/2013
tried many times but still cant get yatta! trophy (Archived)messatsu9999611/12/2013
Shining in the Darkness (Archived)devilsnight311/3/2013
Kid Chameleon (Archived)Da Dood19/20/2013
How I got my YATTA! trophy (Archived)shadowcat216428/29/2013
Shining Force 2 -- Rings don't seem to be doing anything... (Archived)vohnie17/20/2013
Questions about the bonus games (and availability): (Archived)Duke Darkwood36/4/2013
New game genie and the gamefaqs saves (Archived)BeyondLSD15/30/2013
An easy and fun RPG? (Archived)Da Dood64/4/2013
they should make... (Archived)jelikebishou93/29/2013
Damn, I feel like an idiot.... (Archived)DEADLY SHAD0W103/18/2013
No S3&K and Revenge Of Shinobi? (Archived)LionheartCJ13/2/2013
Is Shining in the Darkness worth playing? (Archived)MajinBalthier42/28/2013
1 trophy left (Archived)crazytrain252/14/2013
Glitches with Sonic 3. I can see for myself why they didnt include two others. (Archived)ArcFan1000011/12/2013
No Sound (Archived)ElectricNerd212/27/2012
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