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6 years ago#1
Well since the old one got closed before I even checked back.....

Ah yea starts soon. Whos ....excited I guess? Hopefully the whole risa etc stuff is in it. I mean really its part of the main story, and its by far the most interesting one so... To leave it out... Seems kinda silly since again it deals with the whole main story of the game.. But I guess we will see.. I know it was said that there devoting a bit to each character which is cool but the question is what route are they doing? Has it been said yet? Or maybe a combination of everything?

And to really stretch it they should have the a teacher route to like the game. But you don't lose! That would be good. kanae one to!
6 years ago#2
Well looks like risa is in it. At least in the background. Also looks like at least from the beginning there gonna post what routes the story is following as well. Though honestly its been so long I forget which is which whatever the case.
6 years ago#3
I never played the game (and probably never will) but i was wondering if the route for the girls is exactly same as the game? (at least so far in ep 1 lol) Poor main dude lol
6 years ago#4
I dont recall what route is what offhand since its been so long. But at the very least its going by very fast. You don't even get the option to confess to her for the first time till half way through your play of her. So yea theyve skipped quite a bit. I mean it seems silly how fast its gone.
6 years ago#5
Ah icic thx, i was hoping i could get to know most of the things without playing the game (as i cant understand)...meh, its probably 4 ep per character, i guess they cant fit that much.
6 years ago#6
I still don't see how its gonna be 4 eps per character. Really you CANT confess in that route of hers til half way through. So using simple match half way through one episode they will probably finish next episode. That is unless they are going to do 2 episodes that deal with another route or something.
6 years ago#7
Oh and if they did 4 eps per character they could do everything with a route im sure. They could add all the little scenes. That way it wouldnt look so random when he just confessed to her after knowing her for 10 mins. And show that they actually hang out a bit etc. That kinda stuff.
6 years ago#8
Watched the second episode. I guess I was wrong about it ending in 2 eps. Shrug they kinda mixed events together, and changed some stuff... I guess at least it wasn't as fast as the first episode. Though I guess ill say again I think her part will be over next episode. Maybe they will do a couple events during the first half then the last half is there christmas date and its over? That is unless they somehow do a full episode of just events or something?
6 years ago#9
Wow this last episode was drawn pretty ugly... I hope its fixed in the dvd or whatever.
6 years ago#10
oh god seriously.. Pause at 17:19 what is wrong with his hand. Sigh...
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