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7 years ago#1
When does it come into play? because i picked to give the earring to Ophelia and she said something like she doesnt wanna lose her love or something and now Aiden told me to go to the Dhana mountains for the last Star Fragment Peice
7 years ago#2
Real soon. After you get the star fragment from the mountains, you'll see her again. Then there's one more big event and you'll get married.
7 years ago#3
There really isn't a formal "marriage" persay. It is quite possible that Hero's son/daughter is a bastard child. =3 But if you gave the earrings to Ophelia then just plunge into East Dhana head on. Though please be kind enough to tell us what you unlock aside from Half-Elf for the Hero choosing her as a partner.
7 years ago#4
Ok ill do that once I find out what happens thanx guys.
7 years ago#5
i've beatent his game 4 times and i married ophelia once but i didnt unlock anything other then the half-elf race i really dont think who you marry really matters i've married penelope and amandala as well and still didnt get any extra perks. which stinks cause i was hoping by marrying ophelia you would get the armor on the cover. (the intro move shows you with her) but still nothing
7 years ago#6
o-O Odd, I got 8 new face styles for choosing Amandala (you start with 8 so I figured perhaps each choice unlocked face/hair/voice options perhaps)
7 years ago#7
hmm.,maybe and i just didnt notice hah im oblivious to the small things sometimes. but i dont recall starting with 8 but i have 16 now. lol
7 years ago#8
I see, so the order is unimportant. My guess is that the first 3 times you beat Episode one you get 8 more of a different option for each gender, and when you finish you unlock 4 of all 3 for each gender so you come out with 20 faces, hairstyles and voices. Ofcoarse, this is only a hypothesis, and it could be possible that only faces are unlocked (though I certainly would like more hairstyles.
7 years ago#9
Then again though I could probably be wrong and you start with 16 faces and I only just started to notice some of the ones that I didn't before
7 years ago#10
perhaps you do unlock thigns from marrying each one, but i just cant bring myself to marry the half-ling lol
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